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Manicure For Men: EvolutionMan Launches Rebel Nail Paints For Guys

ByKim West
Aug 01, 2014 11:56 PM EDT

Female nail junkies, step aside!

EVOLUTIONMAN has introduced a sophisticated product that will provide men with an essential step to grooming...the MAN-icure.

Thanks to the brand, men can now reap the benefits of a more resilient natural looking nail with a product that promises to strengthen weak, bitten, or brittle nails.

Not only innovative in its palette, but also in formulation, these paints are toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate free.

Each nail varnishes is guaranteed to protect men's nails from environmental damage, while providing a polished man-icure any guy is sure to love.

Check out the shades below:

Pure Matte - From the nail chewer to the guy looking for a natural manicure, this nail varnish is formulated as a matte-finish nail protector for men. The shade can be used to instantly transform your favorite nail paint from a glossy to matte finish when applied on top.

Pure Bling- This shade is a quick-drying satin-finish base or top coat that helps strengthen weak, bitten, or brittle nails. It promotes healthy nail development by building layers of protection, enriched with nail protein, contains calcium and vitamins C and E.

Stand Out - The new way to look at black. Metallic charcoal paint with a crude matte finish. Use with Pure Matte nail varnish to keep you standing out longer.

Hit the Pavement running with this polished, concrete-looking nail paint. Use with Pure Bling for longer lasting color, or for a dulled finish, flatten out Pavement with Pure Matte nail varnish.

And it's all about rocking your Alter Ego. This matte metallic purple paint is said to give guys a recognizable swaggering drive. Use with Pure Matte nail varnish for longer lasting pleasure.

EVOLUTIONMAN Nail Varnishes are $14 each and are available online at

What do you think of the shades? Tellus with a note below.

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