Last week fashion designer, Josie Natori announced her brand new vibrant fragrance, JOSIE. The new perfume offers a certain twist on sensuality with its unique notes and calming scent.

Throughout her 37-year career span, Josie Natoria has managed to turn simple elements of daily life into beautiful essentials.

However, out of all the brands that make up the House of Natori, JOSIE is the designer's most eclectic creation.

By partnering with beauty company LUXE Brands to develop the JOSIE fragrance, Natori's newest scent is set to become the centerpiece of the JOSIE lifestyle collection.

When speaking about the new scent Tony Bajaj, Chief Executive Officer of LUXE Brands said, "My vision for LUXE Brands is to build an enduring portfolio of global prestige brands that resonates strongly with consumers.

"I couldn't be happier with the JOSIE fragrance and the long-term partnership that we're building with the Natori team."

Beauty World News was on hand for the launch of the enchanting fragrance and chatted it up with the one and only Josie Natori.

BWN: When you were creating this fragrance, did you think of it as a fun night out type of perfume or more of a scent for everyday use?

JN: Everyday! You know, JOSIE is about easy, effortless fun, morning, noon, night, it's a spirit with energy and I see this as everyday you can layer it on. And I believe it appeals to those who are younger because it's not heavy. It's everyday! It's seasonless!

BWN: What was your inspiration behind the JOSIE fragrance? I was told you used a special flower from the Philippines to create the scent.

 JN: Yes, I'm from the Philippines and I grew up around fragrances from the age of five. Sampaguita is the national flower of the Philippines and it is from the Jasmine family. They sell them outside the churches and everywhere in the plazas and it's the kind of thing you put around the leg or hair. When I grew up my grandmother would pick them up and even pin them on her dress, so this is something I have always been around, it's a wonderful, wonderful scent! So we use it as a base along with other things like amber and some citrus notes. But it's a wonderful thing to have something I grew up with be apart of this fragrance.

Finishing off our chat, Natoria revealed that JOSIE is the first of many scents to come.

For those of you in New York City, head on over to Josie Natori's store on 253 Elizabeth Street to pick up her awesome new fragrance.