Liam Payne Instagram Nude PHOTO 2014: Sophia Smith's One Direction Boyfriend Shares Full Frontal PIC with 1D Fans as 'Where We are' Tour Continues, Harry Styles' Band Mate Starts Trending on Twitter


One Direction's Liam Payne caused quite a stir on Instagram when he posted what many thought was a nude picture of himself on Sunday, July 27th.

According to Us Weekly, the One Direction member made fans think he went full frontal on social media when he shared a pixilated photo of himself enjoying a sunny afternoon on a luxury boat.

Payne, 20, looked to be completely nude as he posed shirtless in a photo where the part where his swim trunks should have been was blurred out with some flesh-colored pixels in his private area.

Attached to the thought to be racy picture was the caption, "Damn that was my last pair!" 1D fans went into a frenzy demanding that the singer reveal the photo in its entirety and took to Twitter causing the hashtag #Uncensoritliam to start trending online.

Some fans even shared their attempts at trying to uncensor the snaphot themselves however, Harry Styles' band mate soon gave fans what they were asking for, it just took him some time.

About seven hours after his original upload the "Where We Are" tour artist posted a second picture of himself in the exact same pose flaunting his toned abs and a non-pixilated picture.

In the photo it is revealed that Liam Payne was not nude and instead was wearing black swim bottoms.

Attached to the picture was the caption, "Oh I found them never mind aha."

Payne previously made headlines when he was injured during a show on 1D's "Where We Are" tour.

The singer was either hit by a fan or had a stumble while on stage. Sophia Smith's boyfriend is said to have fallen, before fellow One Direction member Niall Horan got the "Where We Are" tour crowd to all shout his name to get his spirits back up.

Even though the teen heartthrob was clearly in pain, the One Direction band member still managed a few smiles throughout the show even though he was forced to sit down for a majority of it.

However, it is unclear whether the injury was from a trip that was his fault or if fans need to be more cautious as to what they throw on stage.

Check out the uncensored Instagram photo of Liam Payne below.

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