We had a chance to chat with the newest star of ABC Family's groundbreaking hit show "The Fosters" Caitlin Carver, to get the scoop on this beauty's beauty secrets. Check out her personal hair and makeup picks below!

Caitlin, how do you keep your long hair healthy and strong?

One thing I don't do is I never blow-dry my hair. I don't wash it every day, and when I'm off of work, I don't use any type of iron/heat on my hair.

Who do you look to for inspiration when it comes to styling yourself? Celebs? Family? An era?
Well, I love Selena Gomez's style (her hair and makeup always go perfectly with her gorgeous outfits). I also love Blake Lively.  Honestly, my style changes daily. But all of my ideas come from people.  Celebrities, family, friends, random people walking down the street. I tend to find a little inspiration in everyone.

What's your favorite feature to play up?
My favorite feature to play up is probably my eyes.  I love exploring eye makeup (natural, smoky, colorful, etc).  I have always been known as the girl with the big eyes and thick brows so I tend to play those up, especially if I am going to a party or event. 

Favorite hair and makeup products?

As for my hair, I always start my performance days off by applying a heat protector. I use CHI Iron Guard Protection Spray ($6). 

As for lipstick, I love bold colors like NARS' 'Heat Wave' and 'Volga Pure Matte' ($26, each). I always love to wear a bright lip when performing. NARS and MAC lipsticks have always been my favorite brands to wear.

Also, MAC's 'Lady Danger' ($16). And if I'm going more neutral, I use MAC's Cremesheen Modesty ($16).

How does your own look differ from the exciting new role you are playing on ABC? 

I take more risks in real life. I play with lip colors, bronzer, and my bold eyebrows. My character on The Fosters, Hayley Heinz, is younger than me, so her look is always very clean, consistent and conservative.  She sticks with what she knows, but in real life, I tend to venture out a little more.  

Check out Caitlin on Season 2 on ABC's the Fosters airing now!