Summer is only here for a short while, so it's time to get those summery fragrances in while you can!

Patti Kapla, beauty aficionado and V.P. of Business Development at chatted with us recently on what scents you must try.

From tips on choosing the best fragrance for summer, to keeping perfume from wearing off in the humidity, to choosing fragrances that even help repel pesky mosquitoes, Patti Kapla answered all our questions with expert advice.

So Patti, what are the most popular fragrance notes for summer?

Citrus, exotic flowers, island fruits, Jasmine, Rose, and Apple are some of the more popular notes for summer fragrances.  Some of my top picks are Prada Infusion D'Iris ($73) which has notes of mandarin, cedar, iris, benzoin, and orange.

I also recomend Eternity Summer ($34) which is composed of a perfect balance of musk, tangerine pulp, wood, frangipani and pineapple.

What are some key areas on the body to spray with a fragrance so the scent is likely to last during the hot days of summer?

You'll definitely want to spray your wrists as well as little dabs on your neck.  Sometimes if you spray places that tend to sweat, your perfume will continue to smell strong throughout the day.

Great tip! Is there any fragrance available that is easy on people with allergies?

For most perfume allergies, it is an actual ingredient you're allergic to and not the overall perfume so once you find the ingredient that doesn't agree with your skin you can pick the perfect fragrance from there.

Gendarme products were specifically designed for people with allergies such as Carriere Perfume ($56), which is the perfect blend of tangy, enticing citrus notes.

Look out for Part 2 of our interview tomorrow where Patti tells what fragrance helps keep pesky mosquitoes away!