Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Vivien Leigh

This week we honor classic beauty Vivien Leigh.

Known for her iconic and still legendary role as Scarlett O'Hara in the epic Hollywood film Gone with the Wind, Leigh was a British actress playing a Southern belle during the tumultuous time of the American Civil War. The performance won Leigh an Oscar and sealed her name into Hollywood history.

A stunning starlet, Vivien captivated audiences with her gorgeous features. The actress was known for her beautifully arched eyebrows and Cupid's bow pout.

But like everyone else, Leigh had her beauty hang-ups and came up with ways to enhance herself for the camera. It is said Leigh was actually worried her bottom lip was too thin, so she always drew her lip liner much lower beneath her natural lip line create the illusion of fuller lips.

With her top notch acting chops, it is also said Vivien Leigh often felt hampered by her beauty, for which she received the most praise over her raw talent. Still, despite this aspect of her career, Leigh did what she knew would work best to keep heir features looking their best.

Glamour shared one of Leigh's other tried and true beauty secrets. The magazine reported that the British star kept her skin spectacularly beautiful with regular facials. Leigh was definitely a beauty junkie after our own hearts!  Who can resist a great facial?!

The Gone With The Wind actress was among several high-profile clients of Madame Lubatti, a legendary skincare doyenne who hand-mixed scented lotions and aromatic oils to treat English royalty and society ladies.

Check out one of the iconic scenes of Leigh in Gone With The Wind, a film that won right Academy Awards! Let us know what you think with a note!

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