PMS Symptoms, Depression, Bloating: Relaunches Monthly Subscription Service for $5 To Help You Feel Better During Your Period


Has that dreaded time of the month ever caught you by surprise?

If you've ever forgotten to buy tampons, wished for a wet wipe or cursed your cramps, your dreams of being visited by the tampon fairy have finally come true. revamped their popular period prep subscription service last week-delivering tampons right to the doorsteps of America's pre-menstrual mavens for just $5 a month!

This service couldn't be more convenient. Along with your monthly beauty box subscription, get all you need for Aunt Flo delivered right to your door.

"We have an extremely vocal, vibrant social media community who asked if they could customize their monthly period prep at a lower price point-so we listened and changed our offering," revealed company founder Erin Kathleen Gargan. 

$5 a month includes 15 regular absorbency gliding tampons (similar to Tampax Pearl) delivered on a custom selected date. Optional box add-ins include 15 "Tutu Towels" (feminine wipes) for $3, or a box of "Help I Need Help" PMS pain relief tablets for $4. products are priced below brand-name drugstore items to deliver higher value along with the convenience of home delivery. All products are made in the USA and have exceeded FDA approved rigorous quality assurance standards.

The brand also differs from other tampon delivery services in that 10% of all proceeds are donated to a carefully selected female-focused nonprofit organization every month.

"From providing feminine products and health screenings, to cancer research and domestic violence prevention, we are passionate about supporting any cause that empowers, educates and protects women-all while saving our customers time and money," pledged Gargan. 

Learn more at or "connect with the crampy and crazy" on their Facebook page.

Considering getting your period packages delivered right to your door? Tell us with a note below!

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