Debbie Harry
Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Throwback Thursday Diva Inspirations Part 2
Still in need of a legendary beauty to be for Halloween? Check out our next 5 picks and if you missed the first set, click here.
Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Throwback Thursday Diva Inspirations
Looking for some divalicious throwback inspiration for your upcoming Halloween party? Consider these legendary queens. Sometimes a costume ball calls for something chic instead of blood and gore. Skip the guts and gool and opt for some inspiration from the beauties that have come before you. Chec...
Bonnie Parker
Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Sexy Scary Femme Fatales For Sinister Inspiration Part 2
Still in need of some more Halloween costume inspiration after our first 5 suggestions? No worries, here are 5 more bad girls to choose from:
Sharon Stone
Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Sexy Scary Femme Fatales For Sinister Inspiration
OK so it may be a little early, but halloween will be here before you even know it! Why wait until the last minute to think of an awesome and unique costume idea? Considering soemthing sexy, yet sinister? Why not the classic vixen that is the femme fatale? We love the idea of a femme fatale. P...
4 Purse Essentials For An Organized Bag With Life-Saving Beauty Buys You Must Have
Admit it. Your purse is a hot mess - but it doesn't have to be! Multi-purpose items not only save space in your heavy handbag, but also make sure you're prepared to tackle whatever the day throws at you. Sort of like a ninja! From under-eye circles, to broken sunglasses, to grease stains, here...
Dry Brushing
Dry Brushing Skin How To: Tips To Help Tighten, Firm & Exfoliate Your Skin
So what exactly is dry brushing? Dry brushing is popular spa technique that assists to minimize the appearance of saddle bag skin (cellulite) by sloughing those dry flaky upper skin cells for visibly smoother, more radiant skin. In other words, it is a dry method of exfoliation (no water or cream...
Bigger Butt
New Push-Up Jeans Promise a Bigger Butt, Flatter Tummy, And No More Muffin Top
The obsession for the perfect butt just got, dare we say, a little bigger. Consider this new innovation before you go for the butt injections. Want a killer rear in a sizzling hot pair of jeans? You're fashion prayers have been answered. Move over Kim Kardashian!
Blowdry Hair
The Big Blowout: Blow Dry Bar Offers Tips On How To Blow Dry Hair & Make It Last Longer Part 3
The perfect blowout always seems so unattainable. The perfect blend of heat, tools, and technique never seem to combine in the right way. Just what is it that we seem to be doing wrong? Leave it to David Babaii to correct our blow-drying mistakes. When in doubt, simply ask a hair care guru! Babai...
Kim Kardashian
Wedding Dress Code: What To Wear To A Wedding
So wedding season still has a good two months to go, but just what do you wear if you are a guest? How to decipher what is appropriate? The "rules" are different for different times of day, as well as different formalities. In general gals, you'll want to wear a dress. It doesn't need to be full...
PMD Personal Microderm Debuts New Hand and Foot Kit Exfoliator
There's nothing hot about a crusty heal in your new sandals! Not cute! So of course we were hyped to hear that a new hand and foot kit for all over body exfoliation was coming out by PMD. If you're late to the facial exfoliation party, PMD is a widely popular the at-home microdermabrasion syst...
High Heels
What's the Most Important Curve on a Woman's Body? Expert Says Pay Attention to Foot Arch Pain
We've got a question for all you beauty junkies out there: What's the most important curve on a woman's body? *Hint, It's not what you think...
Corset Training, Waist Cincher Results & Dangers: How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist
We're all for a little corset training, but some people love to go overboard. With the "Human Jessica Rabbit" creating headlines for wearing a corset 23 hours a day, the corset diet phenomenon ignited by Jessica Alba is trending once again. But, how do you safely try waist training? "There a...
Period Symptoms: U by Kotex Launches #SavetheUndies Campaign to Help Stop Unwanted Period Stains
A topic most women dare not talk about, U by Kotex is setting out to make this hush-hush issue a full blown social media campaign. #SavetheUndies! Did you know that millions of undies are ruined every year because of less than coopoerative pads? U by Kotex says they want to help us all #Sav...
Wedding Dress
What Hairstyle Is Best For Me: How to Pick Your Wedding Dress Hairstyle
We love talking beauty solutions with our experts. Often our tips come from real life experience! Just ask our friend Marlene Montanez, hair care expert from Latest Hairstyles. "When I started dress shopping for my wedding, one question that came up again and again as I tried on dresses was, 'Wha...
Panty Line
Tips For Avoiding Panty Lines: How To Choose The Right Underwear
As you start to bring out your summer wardrobe, it might be time to do a double check to ensure your underwear drawer is as cute as those rompers and short shorts you own! Visible Panty Line has got to be the most popular fashion faux pas, seen on the backsides of women everday. Often unknowingl...
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