New PocketDerm App Lets You Upload Photos To Dermatologist For Professional Acne Treatment
So with all the beauty apps out there, where has this one been all our digital lives? Meet PocketDerm, the first online prescription acne treatment for your computer or smartphone. Co-Founders, Board-Certified Dermatologists Nancy Satur and David Lortscher came together to create a unique in...
Acne Treatments: Fight Breakouts With Clear BI-LIGHT Anti Aging LED Treatment
Tired of adult acne? Consider this little device to help get skin back into shape. Adult acne can be super annoying, but if there's hope for every teenager out there, any grown-up can clear things up too. A clinical study shows that treating the skin with a combination of special blue+red ligh...
4 Reasons To Never Pop Your Pimples
If we were to define the word, 'pimple,' we'd call it the typical skin care nightmare. There's nothing worse than feeling that pesky bump begin to rear it's ugly head, knowing you're going to have to figure out a clever way to cover it. Even worse are those surprise blemishes, better known as 'pop-u...
Zits, Pimples, Acne: Top 3 Tips to Help Deal With a "Spotty" Situation
Remember how traumatizing it was to get a "zit " in high school? Of course, a teenager is almost expected to get pimples. But, past the often-awkward phase of pre-adulthood, a breakout becomes flat out mortifying. Well, grownup sufferers aren't alone. Did you know 1 out of every 9 people between the...


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