Cara Delevingne
Gothic Goddess: Cara Delevingne With Her New Jet-Black Hair
Cara Delevingne Looks like a Gothic Goddess with her new jet-black hair.
Winter Outfits 2019: 4 No-Fail Looks You Can Rock Now
Winter Outfits 2019: 4 No-Fail Looks You Can Rock Now
Here are four no-fail look outfits that you can slay this winter, 2019.
10 Best Lipsticks For Winter
The 10 Best Lipsticks For Winter
Here are 10 Best Lipsticks for Winter
Best Hair Colors for Winter 2019
The 5 Best Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2019
Here are 5 Best Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2019
Winter Skin
Beauty Expert Stacy Cox’s Winter Skin & Anti-Aging Must-Have Tips
Let's face it: the age-old question of how to look younger is something asked every day. In fact, Stacy Cox, National Beauty and Lifestyle Correspondent from The View and Dr. Oz, says it always garners the most interest and simultaneously the most skepticism. So, when temperatures drop and skin ...
5 Natural Remedies For Winter Skin & Hair To Stay Super Soft In The Cold Months Part 2
So the cold has hit, but that doesn't mean your skin has to take a hit in the hydrating department. Even we here at BWN sometimes struggle to keep every limb soft and supple. The cold air just loves sucking the moisture out of everyone. But fear not! sometimes the best way to fix a beauty dile...
5 Natural Remedies For Winter Skin & Hair To Stay Super Soft In The Cold Months
Brrrr! Harsh winter weather and freezing temperatures require a little extra care in your beauty routine. You can make a big impact with just a few simple ingredients. Nitika Chopra, host of Naturally Beautiful on Z Living TV network has broken down the basics to keep your skin baby-soft and your...
Dry Skin & Lips: Simple Tips For Preventing Dry, Cracked, Chapped Skin
So how are those lips holding up thus far this winter? Dealing with dry, chapped skin? We hear ya, and you're not alone. One of the most common complaints relating to harsh winter weather is dry chapped lips. Not only are dry lips uncomfortable, but they can interfere with lipstick applicati...
Plastic Surgery
'Tis the Season for Cosmetic Surgery: When To Book Plastic Surgery & Why Winter Is The Best Time of Year To Do It
While summertime - with its beaches and barely-there bikinis - might get you in the mood for that tummy tuck you've always wanted, it turns out it isn't the best time for cosmetic surgery. If the last few months have you craving a fresher look, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Greg Wiener says...
Hair Care Routine For The Cold Months: 3 Easily Avoidable Winter Hair Mistakes
Most of us remember to take a little extra care of our skin in the winter, but unfortunately, we often neglect the changing needs of our hair during the cooler climates. Dry, cold air outside and dry heat inside can quickly become a nightmare for your hair if you don't prepare for, and take care...
Inside Winter Boots: How To Keep Your Feet Healthy & Pain-Free During The Cold Months Part 2
Our feet take a real beating, especially during the cold winter months. Shoved in boots and thick socks, we can quickly forget about our feet! But Dr. Alan Bass, board-certified podiatrist is here with some winter tips on how to keep feet happy. If you missed Part One, click here:
Winter Boots
Inside Winter Boots: How To Keep Your Feet Healthy & Pain-Free During The Cold Months
Before you put on those duck boots or UGGS this season, consider this: More than 75% percent of Americans will experience foot health problems of varying degrees of severity at one time or another in their lives. Despite the fact that your feet may be stuffed in boots or in closed-toed shoes d...
Model Skin
Morning & Evening Skin care Routine: How To Keep Skin Moisturized & Hydrated All During the Year
Beauties beware! You must know what's in your moisturizer, and know when to switch. BeautyPress tell us that as the weather turns cooler, swap a daily lotion for a rich cream or ointment, as recommended by makeup artist Carmindy, from the oldie but goodie TV Show What Not to Wear. Also keep in...
Fall/Winter Makeup Colors: 5 Tips For Buying New Lipstick Shades
A new season means you will likely be eyeing a new lipstick at the beauty counter. We recently picked up a few new shades ourselves, and after over an hour of decision-making, here are a few tips to keep in mind:
How To Protect Skin From Harmful UVA UVB Rays During The Cold Winter Months Part 2
Winter is pretty much here and it's time to get that winter skin care regime in order. If you missed Part One, click here. Now read on to learn what Dr. Adam J. Scheiner suggests we all do to keep skin safe in the cold winter sun: "Always wear sunscreen, which protects against UVA and UVB rays. I...
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