How To Create The Best Eyebrows: Joey Healy Reveals His Expert Brow Tips
If you missed him earlier this week on TV, beauty industry triple threat Joey Healy, made a special guest appearance to teach viewers how to master the art of the eyebrow in a special "Ask the Expert" segment. Lucky for you, we snagged his expert tips!
Valentine's Day Beauty Checklist: Last Minute Must Haves For The Big Day
In T-minus 24 hours, Valentines Day will officially be here. In order to get through this romantic weekend, your beauty arsenal is gonna need a few must haves. Use our V-Day checklist to make sure you've got it all covered in time for cupid's arrival! On your mark, get set, beautify!
Valentine's Day Ready Legs: Smooth Your Way To Perfection with Schick
Playing footsie just doesn't feel right with hairy legs. Valentine's Day is a few days away, so time to get into super smooth shape! Do you know what your perfect Valentine's Day razor is? Don't worry, whether you spend your V-Day with a romantic night in, or out on the town with your single lad...
Hair Removal Mistakes: 3 Tips To Solve A Bad Wax Job
Though the cooler months may have arrived, many a gal likes to keep her skin free of those pesky hairs, for a touchably soft feel. But not every visit to the salon goes so smooth. Had a bad waxing experience? Wondering how you can remedy the situation, or how long to wait before fixing things? Here ...
Out Now: Sally Hansen, Adidas Summer Travel-Friendly Formulas
As is to be expected, the summer is all about perfecting beach beauty, and our friends at Sally Hansen are here to help.
Join the Movement: #RazorFree2013 Initiative
Now this is what we call a beauty campaign. Did you know that over the course of a woman's lifetime, she will spend 58.4 days removing unwanted hair from her body?
To Wax or to Laser: Dr. Ostad Answers Your Hair Removal Questions
To shave to wax or to laser: That is the question. Our skin care expert, Dr. Ostad, has weighed in on the benefits and drawbacks of all the hair removal options out there, so if you're considering a new method, read on to learn more and discover the true facts behind the many different ways to get...


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