Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Esther Williams
This week, we honor classic beauty, Esther Williams. This real life mermaid made her debut on the silver screen in a truly unique way. Known as 'aquamusicals,' Williams was a competitive swimmer turned aquatic fantasy actress that captivated audiences with her beauty and dazzling synchronized swi...
IONI Cosmetics Announces New Functional Mascaras
IONI Cosmetics announces functional mascaras; PhatLash-Volumizing Mascara, LashAffair-Lengthening Mascara and FlirtyLash-Curling Mascara. If women must wear any makeup at all, wear mascara!
A Topcoat For Your Lashes? Meet BareMinerals Locked & Coated
Ladies, a topcoat isn't limited to just nails anymore. Ever heard of having a topcoat for your eyelashes? Meet Locked & Coated Mascara by BareMinerals.
Perfect for Summer: Cargo Water Resistant Blush & Bronzer
With our goal to bring you all things beauty that are perfect for the season, we just had to make sure all you makeup mavens are aware of Cargo Cosmetics and their water resistant blushes and bronzers. Beauty innovation at its finest.
Waterproof Your Makeup With Michelle Phan
Who doesn't fantasize about being a beautiful mermaid, swimming the tropical ocean with perfectly placed makeup that never runs or smudges? Well maybe you don't get that detailed, but that's what we have YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan for!
Getting Ready for the Beach with Kandee Johnson [VIDEO]: Prepare Your List of Must Haves for a Day in the Sun
Summer is here. The season of perfect tans, smooth skin, and endless fun in the sun. But boy, the work a girl's gotta do to pull off this effortless look is major! From hair, makeup, the bikini, and sun-kissed bod, how do we even start to get ready?
Maybelline Launches New Falsies Big Eyes Mascara
What big eyes you have! Earlier this month, Maybelline launched their new Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof and Washable Mascaras. The revolutionary dual-ended mascara is sending women flocking to try out this new beauty innovation to see if it really makes peepers look bigger.


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