Go Big Or Go Home: Get Big Voluminous Hair Tips From Expert Raphael Reboh Part Two
Raphael is back with additional tips on how to get big hair the right way. Check out what the expert had to offer up below:
Go Big Or Go Home: Get Big Voluminous Hair Tips From Expert Raphael Reboh
So now that we've finally shed the winter hats and hoods, it's time to give hair the attention it deserves! And there's nothing quite like having big voluminous hair. We decided to help kick off the holiday weekend by tapping Raphael Reboh of Femme Coiffure Salon in South Beach for a few new hot tip...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Taylor Swift
If there's one thing Taylor Swift is known for besides her chart-topping songs and headline-making boy toys, it's her hair and makeup. Classic red lips and long flowing blond tresses are this country pop star's signature. We were hoping for a song from the star that would spill all her beauty secret...
Go From Drab to Fab in One City Block!
What happens when you're running around and get an unexpected invitation you can't refuse? Our firend and Birchbox Editor, Candice, is a pro at getting ready seriously fast. So we convinced her to show us what would happen if she had to get ready for a happy hour in just one city block. It's amaz...
How to Get Big, Voluminous Hair
Go Big or Go home! Who doesn't love big hair? It's the perfect beauty accessory. We couldn't wait to share this amazing how-to video from our friends over at Birchbox.


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