Beauty Brands Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019
Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019: 5 Beauty Brands Giving Back
October has finally arrived, which means it's now Breast Cancer Awareness month! Support the cause by supporting these beauty brands.
Valentine's Day Makeup: Try This Soft Lip Must-Have from Vaseline!
If there's one day a year that we want to ensure our lips are kissably soft, it's Valentine's Day! Get ready to pucker up! Vaseline is here to help perfect your pout with Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips - a pint-sized lip product that adds deep moisturization to your lip care routine. Aside fro...
Editor's Picks: Beauty World Editor, Kim West Shares Her Weekly Favorites
Another Monday is upon us Beauty World Newsers. And this week, we take things down in size. No makeup bag is complete without a few favorite minis. Those teeny little essentials you'd be lost without. So I've decided to share my tiny terrific three. Take a look through the slideshow and let me know ...
Petroleum Jelly: Beauty Fact or Myth?
As we all anxiously await the fashionably late arrival of spring, many of us are still trying to combat winter's tight, dry grip on our skin. The cold months are more like moisture bandits, making it difficult to keep skin nourished and hydrated. A supposed go-to for many years, petroleum jelly ha...
Spray & Go with Vaseline's New Moisturizer
Talk about beauty on the go! Vaseline recently introduced their new Spray & Go Moisturizer. A line of quick, convenient spray lotions, this collection of 3 moisturizers absorb deeply into skin within seconds. The revolutionary continuous spray-system dispenses lotion quickly and evenly for all ove...


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