Whiter Smile: Tips On Teeth Stain Removal From Dr. Joseph Banker
One of favorite experts, celebrity dentist, Dr. Joseph Banker is back at it again, offering tips on how to keep teeth their whitest, just in time for spring. Check out the tips he shared with BeautyPress below:
How Clean Is Your Toothbrush? Dr. Curatola Shares The Truth & Why You Should Never Use A Toothbrush Holder Again
Ever wonder how clean your toothbrush is? The truth will shock you! Check out the scary truth internationally renowned dentist and clinician, Dr. Curatola, had to share with us
Teeth Bleaching: Tips On How To Whiten Teeth From Dr. Joseph Banker
Looking to brighten teeth, but not sure which option is best for you? We sat down with celebrity dentist Dr. Joseph Banker to get all the deets on just what to expect when you're ready to bleach those pearly whites. Check out what the expert had to tell us below:
Coconut Oil Pulling: Dr. Jessica Emery Shares The Dental Benefits for Teeth Whitening & Cleaning
So we told you about oil pulling a while back, but it looks like this oral care ritual has made yet another Internet comeback. Even though it's an ancient health remedy, Oil pulling has returned, transforming into a beauty and wellness topic that has gone viral today. What is it? How does it ...
How To Whiten Teeth: Tips For A Brighter Smile From Celebrity Dentist Dr. Joseph Banker
Looking to brighten those pearly whites in time for Valentine's Day? Check out a few of these helpful tips from celebrity dentist, Dr. Banker to help teeth look their best.
Kick The Habit: Tips To Help You Quit Smoking For 2014
Looking to kick that nicotine habit this year? Excellent New Year's resolution! Surely we're not the first to tell you that smoking has significant effects on your beauty. From under eye bags, to early onset wrinkles, to yellowing teeth - there are many reasons to quit smoking. Did you know there...
New Year's Beauty Resolutions: Tips For Healthier Smiles For 2014 From Dr. James Goolnik
As we inhale another fork of stuffing or drink yet another glass of wine, let's spare a thought for our poor old mouths over this fun, festive period. It is often said that your mouth is a window into your overall health and during the holidays especially, that window is in need of repair. Top Londo...
Perfect Body Or Perfect Smile? Study Reveals Consumers More likely To Spend Money On Dental Work Than Weight Loss
According to new research from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), consumers are more likely to spend money on a younger looking smile than on weight loss help. Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Kevin Sands whose clients include Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians, Emma Stone, Robert Downey ...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Miley Cyrus
So controversy, racy lyrics and wardrobe choices aside, Ms. Miley Cyrus stays on our radar for much more than the latest gossip. While everyone is focused on the latest juicy scandal, we can't get over Miley's mega watt smile and killer red lips. This pop diva in the making is always making headl...
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Kristen Bell
Between a new baby, a new film and the likelihood of soon becoming a newlywed, actress Kristen Bell sure does have a lot to grin about. So just how does Bell keep her smile so picture perfect for the paparazzi? We have her secret!
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