Rachel McAdams

Celebrity Get the Look: Rachel McAdams at the 2014 Met Ball
The Oscars of fashion brought out all the stars, including the timeless beauty Rachel McAdams. Our friend Kayleen McAdams spilled all the 'get the look' deets to us! "Rachel's dress was beautifully simple and elegant, so I wanted her makeup to be classic and gorgeous," Kayleen said.
Love It or Leave It: Rachel McAdams Orange Hair
Rachel McAdams, the rad redhead, turned brunette babe, turned blonde bombshell, to pink powerhouse, has done it again! She's an orange hottie. Think totally toned down tangerine.
Beauty and the Heat: Celebrity makeup artist Pascale Poma Gives Us Her Summer Beauty Secrets!
Summer is almost officially here and with the warmer months, comes a whole new and very necessary beauty regime. We all love summer, but who loves feeling like your melting in the sun? Luckily we have access to one of the best in the biz. We caught up with celebrity makeup artist, Pascale Poma, to l...
Round vs. Square: What's the Best Way to Nail It?
With nails being the next best accessory to an outfit or hairstyle, it's no wonder choosing a shape can often be, dare we say, a nail biting experience. Before the polish, stripes, dots, jewels, and glitter, the right nail silhouette can make or break a nail. Thankfully, there's no right or wrong te...


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