To Shave Or Not To Shave: Armpit Survey Asks Women Their Thoughts
From Madonna's armpit hair selfie and Cameron Diaz' comments on a woman's right to skip the deo, to the pulled Veet 'don't risk dudeness' adverts, female body hair is now officially a news topic. We're so used to looking for ways to remove body hair, that Madonna's armpit selfie and the commen...
Less Is More: New Study Shows Men & Women Prefer Less Makeup On Faces
Before you get ready to glam it up with a vanity full of products, you might wanna read about this latest study. A new poll suggests that men and women prefer faces wearing less makeup. Published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, the study explains that both males and females w...
What Not to Wear Across The Pond: Top 20 Summer Beauty & Fashion Faux Pas in the UK
Summer will soon be here, and with it, a lot of people showing a lot of skin. And that includes our firends across the pond in the UK. Socks and sandals, streaky fake tans, and swimwear a size too small have been named on a list of the most common fashion faux pas among the British. Research...
UK Poll Reveals List Of Celebs British Women Want To Look Like Most
Across the pond, women of the UK look to celebs for beauty inspiration just like us. A recent poll reveals what stars British women would want to look like the most, and whose personalities they'd like to have. According to a poll conducted by the goodsurgeonguide, UK's only cosmetic surgery revi...


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