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Undo Me: New Show Set To Reveal The Bizarre, Shocking And Hilarious Stories Of Britain's Biggest Beauty Regrets
Britain is obsessed with body work and is now the most tattooed nation in the world, with an estimated 20 million people decorating their bodies! Who knew?! David Beckham and Cheryl Cole's body art is headline news across the pond, but body modification comes in all shapes and sizes. From tattoos...
Try the Trend: Permanently Tattooed Eyebrows
So we brought to you all there is to know on the idea of permanent makeup, and it looks like more and more women are opting to go underneath the needle to make their dream brows a fixture forever set to frame their faces. Access Hollywood followed up on this beauty treatment by breaking the look ...
Permanent Makeup: Is Tattooing The New Beauty Trend?
Imagine you went to bed with your makeup on. Now picture the next morning and you can skip adding a drop of lipstick or an ounce of eyeliner and mascara to your face. You could sleep in and pop outta bed ready for the day with your makeup perfectly in place. Sound like every beauty junkie's fantasy?...


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