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5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil: 5 Uses of VCO That You Probably Didn't Know
Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO could be used in various ways. Did you know that you can use it as a mouthwash?
Oil Pulling Products: Discover the Benefits of Coconut, Avacado & Sunflower Oil with La Tourangelle
Gwyneth is doing it and Dr. Oz backs it up. Oil pulling the latest trend in oral care that requires swishing oil around in your mouth for upwards of 10 minutes to pull out the bacteria and help to whiten teeth. If testing out this new fad is of interest, consider La Tourangelle artisan cooking oi...
Coconut or Sesame? New Study Reveals Which Comes Out on Top For Oil Pulling
This study couldn't have come sooner. Just as we had finished telling you about the benefits of coconut oil pulling, a new study has revealed which oil is the best for teeth. So for a brief history lesson, this ancient dental remedy has its roots in India, having started well over 3,000 years ago...
Coconut Oil Pulling: Dr. Jessica Emery Shares The Dental Benefits for Teeth Whitening & Cleaning
So we told you about oil pulling a while back, but it looks like this oral care ritual has made yet another Internet comeback. Even though it's an ancient health remedy, Oil pulling has returned, transforming into a beauty and wellness topic that has gone viral today. What is it? How does it ...


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