INGLOT Cosmetics Launches Freedom System Fragrance Line
INGLOT is setting fragrances free! Meet the latest breath of fresh air from INGLOT Freedom System-an exciting new line of five floral and fruity cream perfumes. For the first time ever, INGLOT has entered the world of fragrance. Freedom System Fragrance meets the same exceptional standards o...
INGLOT Cosmetics Launches HD Illuminizing Pressed Powders & Freedom System HD Sculpting Powders
More innovations coming down the beauty pipe for the summer! INGLOT Cosmetics is set to launch two new products today. Sculpting is all about accentuating and defining the whole face. This is exactly what INGLOT's new Freedom System HD Sculpting Powders will let you achieve. In one convenient...
INGLOT Launches New Colour Play Lip Liner & Freedom System Lipstick For April
A new season brings new makeup innovations. Announcing its latest creations, INGLOT is launching new shades and finishes for a fresh spring pout. Enhance your lips with INGLOT's all new Colour Play Lipliner - another bright product from your favorite collection, available in 4 vibrant shades. ...
INGLOT Launches New Gold And Silver Holiday Gift Sets
Get ready to lengthen that holiday wish list. INGLOT Cosmetics has introduced two holiday gift sets launching in-store and online. Established 30 years ago, all INGLOT cosmetics are produced within the European Union and 95% of them are manufactured in our own state of the art production faciliti...
Staff Picks: Clarissa Hamlin Shares Her Weekly Faves
This week, I had to buy a bigger makeup bag to pack in a few more beauty products. NIVEA skin cream is becoming a favorite of mine, so this pick is always with me on-the-go. Check out the slideshow with the makeup treasures that I travel with everywhere, and drop a note with your thoughts below!
INGLOT Launches New HD Illuminizing Loose Powder and Fusion Blush & Illuminator
INGLOT Cosmetics will be launching Fusion Blush & Illuminators and HD Illuminizing Loose Powders on November 16th. Now for the deets on each new product. The INGLOT Fusion Blush and Illuminator is a perfect combination for face modelling. The matte facial blush is ideal for defining selected par...
INGLOT Launches New Multi-Action Toner For Face
INGLOT Cosmetics is set to launch into skincare! The European brand is entering this beauty arena with the introduction of three new facial toners. Whether you have dry, normal, or combination to oily skin, there will be a toner just for you!
Inglot Heads To Broadway And Makes Debut With Tony Award-Winning Musical Pippin
Inglot will soon be taking to the stage! The beauty brand recently announced its debut on Broadway with sponsorship from the Tony Award winning musical comedy, Pippin. Ever seen this theatrical performance in action? Pippin is a story that surrounds the Royal heir, Pippin, who is spurred on by a ...
Check Out The Latest Launches From Inglot Cosmetics
Inglot has been busy this month! Check out the slideshow to see the beauty brand's three latest innovations that have arrived just in time as we all prepare for our fall makeup hauls! Complete with lip gloss palettes, blushes, and brow pencils, there is something here for every beauty junkie. T...
Celebrity Get the Look: Olivia Wilde
So we all gushed over the photos of actress Olivia Wilde as the face of its latest Amour fragrance by Avon, but one particular pic caught our eye. Check out the moment Olivia creates in the gorgeous image above. We want this look! Flawless skin, beautifully accentuated eyes, soft lips, we want it...
Celebrity Get the Look: Diane Kruger
Summer beauty can be many things, but one staple of the season is sunkissed skin. Thumbing through our celeb rolodex of images, we stumbled upon a class look from last summer, served up by the beautiful actress, Diane Kruger.
Red, White, & BLUE! 3 Tips On How to Rock Blue Lipstick
Love It or Leave It opinions aside, you definitely have to confidence to wear this eye-popping shade! Blue lipstick may be out there compare to other lip colors, but this cooler than cool makeup swatch is gaining a serious fan base.
Amanda Bynes Twitter: Check Out Her Blue Lipstick Photo
Former childhood star, Amanda Bynes has been posting quite a few photos of herself on Twitter that have sparked a bit of concern and controversy. After her cheek piercing and edgy makeover photos, the 26 year-old has followed up her last controversial image with a photomontage of herself wearing bl...


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