Don’t be Fooled! Top Makeup Artists Bust Myths (no joke)
Happy Belated April Fools Day! In honor of this day, our friend and beauty blogging guru, Lara Eurdolian shared a cool post to help women stay on their toes and not be fooled when it comes to some beauty principles. She tapped some her favorite beauty experts: Aussie Celebrity Stylist Sarah Potempa,...
Head and Shoulders: Nurture Scalp and Dryness with New Damage Rescue
In today's ever-changing day and age, the risks to hair are at every turn. Pollution, dyes, perms, chemical processing, and heat damage all play a hug role in bad hair days. A variety of environmental factors and lifestyle habits can increase the risk of hair damage and scalp discomfort. In addit...
Kitchen Cabinet Hair Care: At Home Secrets to Healthy Tresses
Before you head to the salon, the local beauty supply, or drug store, take a look in your kitchen cabinet for a few great hair care items you might not have realized you already have. Combat dry hair, itchy scalp, and promote healthy growth with a few of these proven DIY beauty treatment techniques...
Herbal Essences: The Classics are Back
They're baaaaaack! Last month, Herbal Essences, the hair care line with the most memorable commercials, reintroduced two throwback favorties we all loved. Say Yes, Yes, Yes! to naturally beautiful hair with Herbal Essences Smooth and Shine Collections. Let these cult classics envelope your senses ...
Jamie Lynn Spears: Short Hair Don't Care
Britney's Spears' little sister Jamie is the latest star to make the big chop. Sharing a photo of her new bob via Instagram, Jamie followed the image up with cute caption hashtag "short hair don't care." Jamie chronicled the anticipation leading up to the cut, posting a pic of her hair stylist's c...
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