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support for young people with alopecia
No Shame: Perfect Makeup Look for Women With Alopecia
In support of women with alopecia, we shared makeup tips including how to do your brows and eyelashes.
Products You Should Know About: GrandeLash
OK, so we've done a few eyelash stories. We've covered the trendy eyelash bling fads that took many eyelids by storm, and we've also done our homework on the use of eyelash extensions. To us, it seemed that lusting for long lashes always had a potential downside that we had to make our readers aware...
The Best Kept Beauty Secret: Mascara Fan Brush
Sometimes all a girl wants are long-lasting natural eyelashes. Instead she ends up with clumpy, flaky, messy eyes. Get right to the very root of the problem using a technique professional makeup artists at Make-up Designory (MUD) swear by: The Fan Brush.
Eyelash Bling: Love it or Leave it?
A couple months ago, we brought you a story on eyelash extensions, now all the rage across the globe. We thought we had done our homework on this eye-popping trend. We learned about synthetic, mink, human, and polyester lashes, adhesives, and lash lengths. But we guess a beauty gurus work is never d...


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