How to Achieve Inner Beauty
How to achieve true beauty -- inner beauty.
Dry Brushing Skin How To: Tips To Help Tighten, Firm & Exfoliate Your Skin Part 2
Have you tried dry brushing your skin after reading our tutorial on how to help get skin tight, right, and radiant? What are you waiting for? Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate skin and its super easy to try. This popular spa technique works to help minimize the appearance of saddle bag ski...
Dry Brushing Skin How To: Tips To Help Tighten, Firm & Exfoliate Your Skin
So what exactly is dry brushing? Dry brushing is popular spa technique that assists to minimize the appearance of saddle bag skin (cellulite) by sloughing those dry flaky upper skin cells for visibly smoother, more radiant skin. In other words, it is a dry method of exfoliation (no water or cream...
Microdermabrasion At Home: PMD Debuts 5 New Color Options
PMD, the at home microderm device featured on The Doctors, The View, Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show is now offering its cool skin care devise in 5 new colors available for its fans including pink, purple, blue, teal and black. The PMD hand tool is a professional-caliber skin care system...
How To Exfoliate Lips, Face & Skin: Say Goodbye To Microbeads
Be prepared to say goodbye to your favorite exfoliator formulas ladies. New legislation introduced in both New York and California is aiming to ban the use of microbeads in cosmetics in an effort to improve the environment. So where does your facial scrub go after it's done it's job on your sk...
New Year, New Your: 4 Beauty Resolutions for Your 2014
Did you welcome 2014 without a single New Year's resolution? Looking to boost your beauty routine with a few new changes? Well, theres still time to resolve to make the next twelve months even more beautiful than the last. Leave your old beauty habits in 2013 and kick off 2014 with a revamped beauty...
Skin Care Stocking Stuffer: Olay Releases Limited Edition Red PRO-X Advanced Cleansing System
The Pro-X by Olay Advanced Cleansing System is revamped for the holidays in limited-edition red packaging! In the market for a handheld facial cleanser? Definitely consider this professional facial cleansing system, designed to gently exfoliate to reveal brighter, smoother skin with each use. The...
Thanksgiving Beauty Menu: Dishes That Boost Your Beauty
Is your mouth watering already just at the idea of what you'll eat for Thanksgiving this year? We can taste it already too! But consider leaving a bit of these raw ingredients to the side for beauty leftovers. Check out what makes each of these dishes not only delicious, but also nutritious for skin...
Loco for Luna! The New Foreo Facial Exfoliator Hits the Beauty Market For Holiday 2013
The next big thing to touch your face since the Clarisonic has arrived just in time for the holidays. Innovative Swedish brand FOREO has been making waves in top retailers around the US, UK and Italy after the launch of its iconic range of LUNA skincare devices that offer a new approach to skincare,...
Post Halloween Skin Care: Show St. Ives How You Go From Naughty to Natural
Halloween is the one day each year when women transform their natural selves into their most naughty versions, creating the most avant-garde makeup and costume looks. Just peep our Goth Goddess, Steampunk Cinderella, and Glow in the Dark Makeup costume ideas to see how imaginative this spooky day ca...
Beauty Superfoods: Feed Your Skin with Befine Skin Care
We love sharing cool DIY stories that take advantage of beauty ingredients found right in your kitchen. But we recently came across a brand that will do you one better, adding all your favorite beauty super foods into their cleansers, exfoliates, and moisturizers. Meet Befine Skin Care. Click throug...
Signs Your Skin Is Telling You: Seasonal Tips for Problem Skin
Your skin is the largest organ on your body, so it should definitely be given a seat at the beauty roundtable. Unfortunately though, we can ignore some of the important messages skin is trying to send us. With the cooler months approaching too, check out what subtle messages skin is sending that you...
Kitchen Cabinet Skin Care: DIY Facials and Exfoliators
Did you know that you can brighten, tighten and exfoliate your face with food? A recent news story featuring items likely to be in your kitchen right now, showed just how effective food can be for your skin. Click through the slideshow to check out each beauty entree. No need to splurge when look...
Editor's Picks: Beauty World Editor, Kim West Shares Her Weekly Favorites
Happy Monday Beauty World Newsers! I'm back with another trio of must try beauty products and this week it's all about giving face. For a clear complexion, unclogged pores, and luminous skin, a great facial cleanser is key. I thought I was doing everything right cleansing wise until a friend (who ha...
Too Much Clarity? How To Know If Your Over-Exfoliating Skin
When asked how best to go about cleansing the face, de-clogging pores, preventing fine lines or wrinkles, the answer is often to simply exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. This step in any woman's beauty regimen either involves a traditional scrub of the face, and old school toothbrush, exfoliator mas...
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