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Kitchen Cabinet Foot Care: DIY Pedi and Footbath Treatments
When feet aren't ready to come out of the winter socks and shoes, and there's no time to run to the salon, a simple at home foot soak will always do the trick. And forget buying clinical formulas and treatments from the drug store. A look into your kitchen cabinet and a few items from your fridge ...
Top 10 Beauty Classics You Must Own Countdown: #8
This week, we resume our Top 10 Beauty Classics You Must Own List. Each week we will highlight a product on the list, giving you all the details on the history, how it came to be, why it's great, and why women and celebs alike swear by it. With so many beauty products on the market to try, someti...
Get Ready for Date Night in 20 Minutes or Less
Our friend and Birchbox editor, Candice, is at it again. She only has 20 minutes to get ready for date night! What's a girl to do? Luckily her beauty fairy godmother is on hand to give her some tips. Instead of stressing over what to wear, check out how quickly Candice pulls a super cute look tog...
Coconut Water: Dial Soap Brings this Ultra Hydrator to Your Shower
Dial now brings the natural super drink of coconut water to showers across the country. With coconut water known to be rich in electrolytes, including Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and Phosphorus, Dial brings these benefits to skin with the all-new Dial Coconut Water Body Wa
Beauty Products in the Fridge: Yes, It Works
So we have all heard that one 'beauty in the fridge' tip: During the summer, you should keep your fragrance or body spray in the fridge so you can get a cool, sweet smelling mist on your neck/wrist right before heading out into the hot summer heat. Great tip, and we sure do use it, but don't stop ...
Brazilian Wax: Meet the Inventor of the Sexiest Style Around
Meet the inventor of the Brazilian Bikini Wax! We sat down with Noemi Grupenmager, founder of Uni K Wax Centers to learn more about the art of waxing, it's history, and some of the most requested services people come in to get. Learn about Noemi's signature green wax and get all the tips you need ...
How To: Look Like a Madewell Girl This Spring
Our friends at Birchbox are always stylishly on trend. Madewell is one of their go-to spots for laidback cool outfits—their office basically lives in their clothes year round. Earlier this month Birchbox got a peek at their brand new Spring collection from Madewell Editorial Director, Susan Cernek...
HBO Girls' Star Allison Williams Shares her Biggest Beauty Mistakes & Tips
The beautiful Allison Williams, breakout star of HBO's new hit series, Girls, is not immune to the cringe-worthy beauty blunders we've all had. In recent interviews with T Magazine and the New York Times, Allison opens up about her high school days, the makeup mistakes she made early on, and the ti...
Pure Ice Launches 29 NEW Shades Exclusively at Walmart
So many colors, not enough fingers! Pure Ice is proud to announce the launch of 29 new shades that will put a splash of color and a touch of sparkle onto your fingertips this summer! These beautiful shades achieve a salon-quality manicure right at home with chic and sparkling colors like Speechless...
Brazil’s Growing Beauty Market Attracts Investors
Over the past few years Brazil has seen an influx of revenue in their booming beauty market. According to ABC News, a steadily growing new middle class and a population of working adults has contributed to a lot of money being spent on designer shampoos, lotions and cosmetics which has led to Brazil...
You want to wear the same makeup that Carly Rae Jepsen wore at the Grammy’s? Well you’re in luck!
You can look like Carly Rae Jepsen by getting these beauty products.
Luxury chocolate brand Hotel Chocolat launches a range of beauty products called Cocoa Juvenate
Chocolatier Hotel Chocolat launched a new range of beauty products named Cocoa Juvenate on Monday.
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