Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Lauren Bacall
This week we honor classic beauty, Lauren Bacall. Having recently asked away just last week, the world is both morning and celebrating the famed career of this Hollywood legend. Born in New York City, this native Bronx girl became a hug part of Tinseltown's Golden Age.
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Ruby Dee
This wee we honor classic beauty, Ruby Dee. As the world mourns the recent loss of this iconic figure, we celebrate her and add this gorgeous star to our famed beauties that make up our beloved Thursday Throwbacks. An actress, activist, writer, and part of the dynamic duo that was her marriage...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauties, The Andrew Sisters
This week we honor classic beauties, The Andrew Sisters. In honor of Memorial Day, we celebrate this fabulous singing trio. Known for their iconic version of the patriotic hit Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, these sisterly songbirds were a household name during the 1940's thanks to their beautifully mel...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Ginger Rogers
This week we honor classic beauty, Ginger Rogers. An icon of Hollywood cinema, this legendary starlet of the silver screen is best known for her amazing dance routines that paired her talented moves with the one and only Fred Astaire. A Missouri native, Rogers would go on to star in a whopping 70...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Judy Garland
This week we honor classic beauty, Judy Garland, as our Thursday Throwback. A Hollywood legend, Judy Garland is cinematic royalty. This Minnesota native was born with the talent to entertain, performing at the tender young age of just two! The aspiring star started her career off performing with ...
Try the Trend: Retro Hair & Makeup
Ready for a throwback? No, it's not Thursday yet, but the trend towards retro makeup is in full effect, so why not try it? Who doesn't love reenacting the fabulously beautiful trends of days gone by? From the eye- popping drama of Greta Garbo during the silent film era, the understated glam of Gr...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Veronica Lake
This week, we honor classic Hollywood beauty, Veronica Lake as our Thursday Throwback.
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Rita Hayworth
Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! This week, we honor another legendary Hollywood beauty: Rita Hayworth.


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