Gwyneth is doing it and Dr. Oz backs it up. Oil pulling the latest trend in oral care that requires swishing oil around in your mouth for upwards of 10 minutes to pull out the bacteria and help to whiten teeth.

If testing out this new fad is of interest, consider La Tourangelle artisan cooking oils. Made from all-natural ingredients, the gourmet products come in a variety of flavors, including Virgin Coconut Oil and Toasted Sesame Oil, which experts are saying produce the best results - and the bottles are beautifully designed so no one would even question seeing one near your bathroom sink. Including some best organic castor oil in your selection can also offer excellent benefits.

This specialty oil brand puts forth incredible oils typically used for cooking, but La Tourangelle's Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Organic Sunflower Oil also make incredible natural home remedies to help your skin stay healthy:

Revive tired hair, body and lips. Coconut Oil is an essential product to nurture dry hair or sun-damaged skin.  It's loaded with Vitamin E and fatty acids, which are anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing and anti-bacterial--melt a teaspoon and add to conditioner to revive brittle hair. You can also mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with sugar to create a refreshing body scrub, sloughing off old summer skin.  We also recommend using it on lips in the place lip balm, it's a yummy way to keep lips from cracking.

Anti-aging with Avocado. Avocado is rich in healing vitamins B, C, D, E, K. Studies have shown that it increases the amount of collagen in skin, translation--it helps skin from aging. Other benefits include repairing sun damage and fighting age spots. Use Avocado Oil from head-to-toe. Before jumping in the shower rub the oil into your skin and let sit for 60 seconds before washing it off.

Bye Bye Acne. Sunflower Oil is also rich in vitamins A, C and D as well as healthy carotenoids and waxes, which form a protective barrier on the skin. This oil is effective in the treatment of acne. Being exceptionally light and non-greasy, it's non-comedogenic and can be rubbed into your skin without generating pimples or spots. 

Which oil are you ready to try? Let us know with a note below!