Beauty and the Heat: Celebrity makeup artist Pascale Poma Gives Us Her Summer Beauty Secrets!

Summer is almost officially here and with the warmer months, comes a whole new and very necessary beauty regime. We all love summer, but who loves feeling like your melting in the sun? Luckily we have access to one of the best in the biz. We caught up with celebrity makeup artist, Pascale Poma, to learn about all the summer sweat-saving tips she has to help us beat the heat! Click through the above sideshow to learn more about the colors and products she recommends.

Summer is nearly here and so is the heat!  What colors are in this season?

For Summer 2013, the colors are intense and sparkling. Colbalt blue, mint green, fushia pink, lavender and orange are all must try hues. There is a color for everyone that will look beautiful on the eye, the lips, or the cheeks.  These colors look best when styled in a modern, clean, graphic yet seductive fashion. Simply play one color at a time on a clean, healthy-looking skin.

Ok, so is it better to go for a minimal makeup look in the warmer months, or can you still go all out with your look? 

In the warmer months the makeup should be lighter, fresh, and luminous. Summer is the time of the year where you want to go easy on the sophisticated smokey eyes, heavy foundation, and lipstick. Instead, opt for warmer tones of bronzer with a little shimmer that will blend with your tan and illuminate it. Make sure to sweep the bronzer where the sun would normally hit, like the forehead, cheeks, chin, and tip of the nose. It's summer and we are all showing a little more skin, so don't forget to highlight the shoulders, decollatage, and cleavage for maximum cool summer vibes. Use all the great color palettes of the season. Green and turquoise are the big hit colors and very beautiful on any skintone and eye shade. Pink and orange matte lipstick will brighten any smile and complexion as well.  

As the summer approches any summer beauty buys we must try this season?

With the hot days coming ahead, who doesn't want to look hot?!  Less is really more during those humid days where your makeup might melt off into a mess the minute you set foot outside. So to assure that you are going to stay fresh and put together regardless of the heat, you can fix you makeup in place for hours with a makeup setting spray. Most of them come in a natural dewy finish or matte finish. The choice is yours.

What about summer beauty classics?  Do we own anything we should be keeping handy in our summer bags as a go-to?

Regardless of the temps outside, a good moisturizer and tinted lip balm are the two products that should not leave your side. Ever.

Got it.  Is there anything we should replace as our skin becomes sun-kissed and tanned during the summer?  Will our fall/winter foundations and blushes still work?

In the summer, your skin goes into warmer tones, so all the paler colors of the fall and winter will look too light and ashy on skin. Hold off on the foundation or concealer. But if you still can't do without it, make sure to adapt the color and use it only where it is needed and not all over the face to avoid looking washed out. As for blush, why not pair your summer complexion with rich tones of orange, coral, or pink? It will work virtually on any skin tone and complement about any lip color. Trust me.

We believe you!  We love summer, but the heat can do awful things to makeup!  How do we ensure our looks stay in place despite perspiration?

This is one, if not THE biggest challenge during a hot and humid summer. My suggestion would be to first use a primer under makeup to give you an even texture and help the makeup to hold better. Avoid any thick foundation that will clog pores. Instead, use mineral powders and bronzers for a light definition without the overly made up look. I prefer to dust these on with a big brush instead of a sponge. Start with the T-zone (nose and forehead) and extend the powder in an outward movement toward the rest of the face and neck. If you do perspire a lot, use a creamy eye and/or cheek shadow and dust over it with a hint of the same shade of powder. Finish by applying a layer of waterproof mascara for a beautiful natural effect. Go for two or more coats for more of a glamourous look. And matte lipstick or stain will stay on for hours, but remember to moisturize your lips often, as they tends to dry out in hot air.
The hottest summer makeup looks and classic looks are....
The classic summer look will always be to keep the least amount of makeup possible on, playing with nude and bronzy tones to enhance your own unique beauty. But add a flashy, hot, sexy shade, and you're totally on trend for Summer 2013.  Go bold and find the trendy shade that's right for you.

What are some great beat the heat makeup tips we should always remember?

Remember to carry a mineral water spray bottle at all times to help you cope with the heat and keep your makeup fresh and vibrant.

Thanks Pascale!  Look out for additional makeup tips and beauty how-to's from Pascale.  For more of her amazing work, follow her on Facebook at and

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