Making the Most of Your Home RoutineCredit : Unsplash

Everyone has their habits of day-to-day rituals. Sometimes it's clear they're the best for our overall health and well-being, and other times, maybe less so. They say old habits die hard, but it's not always so black and white. As it turns out, with a little focused effort and directed energy, it's not all that difficult to rework your routine to ensure your healthiest habits are the higher priority, all the while weeding out those guiltier go-to's that are no longer serving you.

Don't Skimp on Sleep

Getting enough rest may seem overrated when you're on a Netflix binge (or doing whatever other time-consuming activity you may think is more important in the moment). The truth is, it's not. Being under-rested is bound to impact every other aspect of your life. Feeling sluggish at the end of your shift? Make sure to hit the hay a bit earlier than usual. If you have trouble winding down around bedtime, try to build a routine to get into the right headspace to rest up. This is different for everyone, but it can involve calming music, relaxing lighting, aromatherapy, and even boosting up your bedding situation. Make your Z's a priority, and you'll soon see how it positively affects other areas of your daily activities and obligations.

Drink Up and Eat Well

What goes in your body matters immensely. We all know it's true, but sometimes we have selective memories. It's easier to stay hydrated and eat well when you make them genuinely appealing. Bored with plain old water? Add some ice, vitamin-enriched flavor powders, and berries -- or try infusing it with cucumbers to feel like you're at a fancy day spa every time you sip.