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Hair Care Personalized for You | Function of Beauty Review

Hair Care Personalized for You | Function of Beauty Review
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We've all been there: you walk through the hair care aisle expecting to find the right shampoo among countless options-but, somehow, none of them is the right fit. The hair care innovators at Function of Beauty changed all of that with a one-of-a-kind online custom hair care selection. And now, that selection is coming to stores.

Function of Beauty has come to Target stores nationwide. With an innovative take on affordable custom hair care, the organization's products do more than replace conventional shampoo and conditioner-they give users the power to accommodate even the most unique hair care needs. As the customizable beauty market continues to grow, Function of Beauty is a sign that entering the mainstream is possible in the custom hair care and skincare niche.

The team is doing a lot more than providing an alternative to traditional hair care. They're also making it more accessible, effective, and affordable. Using the Function of Beauty website, you can complete a quick quiz to be paired with a hair care solution that's built for you. For users shopping at Target stores, the experience is a bit different-all of the bases and boosters are available to browse, mix, and match. This gives you even more freedom to find the perfect fit for your hair.

It's a fun process too. There are four shampoos and conditioners, known as "bases," that you can buy. Each focuses on a different hair type: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Once you've found the right base, you can mix in up to three #HairGoals Booster Shots. In total, there are ten boosters to choose from, each targeting a unique hair need. Options include strengthening, lengthening, thermal protection, volumizing, curl definition, scalp soothing, and more.

In each box of boosters, you get two shots. One is for your shampoo, and the other is for your conditioner. Add up to three booster shots to your bases, and then shake. In no time, you'll have a custom hair solution at a fraction of the cost of other specialty brands. That's all it takes! From there, you can fine-tune your combinations or just experiment for the desired effect-with thousands of different combination options, you're sure to find just the right fit.

That's a big deal for users with complicated hair needs. Before Function of Beauty hit the shelves of Target stores, you'd be hard-pressed to find a conditioner and shampoo duo that could volumize your hair while protecting it from heated styling tools and boosting curl definition. The old solution used to be just to buy a lot of specialized hair products and cobble together your own beauty routine. That means spending more money and wasting a lot of time as each product extends your beauty routine. Now that Function of Beauty has hit the shelves, those days are over.

You don't need to waste time and money experimenting with other hair care products. With the Function of Beauty product line, the power is in your hands to build a hair care solution that accommodates all of your unique needs. All it takes is two bases and a few booster shots, and the rest is hair-care history.

What if you have simpler hair needs? While you may not have been scouring beauty shelves for the right products, you'll definitely love the simplicity of Function of Beauty. Rather than lining the bathtub with hair care products that meet different needs, you can just keep some booster shots on hand and clear out all the clutter. You can also save a lot of time on styling. If you always end up rushing out the door, you'll love the ease of an all-in-one hair care duo that doesn't make any compromises. You get exactly what you need, and you get it fast.

To see what Function of Beauty has to offer, check out the entire product line at any Target store near you. You can also visit the Function of Beauty website if you want some guidance from the hair care quiz. Go ahead and browse the #HairGoal Booster Shot options to find your own plan of attack!

About Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty puts you in charge of your own hair care routine. Most shampoos and conditioners have to cater to a broad range of hair types and goals to justify their space in beauty aisles. Function of Beauty changes everything, giving you the chance to build your own custom hair solution in just three steps: pick a base, pick your boosters, and mix. Traditional hair care just can't accommodate the unique needs of individuals. Function of Beauty knows you're complicated, and with thousands of possible formulations, you can find the perfect fit.

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