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The Best Desserts for your Wedding Reception

The Best Desserts for your Wedding Reception
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Weddings are supposed to be quite special and nearly everyone wants dessert to be a part of that. While most sweet things will be accepted by the public, you can choose to make the dessert selection at a wedding reception uniquely satisfying. Cakes are the typical choice, but not everyone wants to take the time to cut the cake and serve every guest individual slices.

Some wedding venues are good for that sort of thing, but the process is annoying for others. There are easier and some would argue tastier options that can make everyone attending the wedding reception happy and grateful for something different. Get ready to salivate!


Brownies are a great option for wedding receptions because everyone likes them and they're easily individually served. Whether you choose a fudge brownie with or without nuts or a toffee blondie, there are many options to choose from. You can even get a few different kinds of brownies and everyone will be satisfied. Brownies can also be one of a variety of individual pastries and desserts.


Instead of rolling out a huge cake, you can serve individual cupcakes. They can be the substitute for a traditional dessert or be one of the many individually-plated pastries. Not only will you not have to go through the cake-cutting process, you will be able to provide individual servings of cake to your guests. You can even have a variety of cupcakes that will be sure to satisfy all of the different preferences.

Cake Pops

A similar way to serve cake without going for the traditional option is cake pops. They are small bites of cake encompassed by dried frosting. When you want to serve cake but want to do something different, cake pops are a great alternative that has become a trendy and tasty dessert option.


Everyone loves cookies. When it comes to serving cookies at a wedding, you can choose to have them individually wrapped or plated together. With so many different kinds of cookies, you don't need to choose any one type of cookie. If you're a lover of chocolate, serve chocolate chip or fudge cookies. Peanut butter cookies are also really popular. Sugar cookies will satisfy the others. The beauty of offering these desserts is that if you want to you can serve them all together.

Mousse Cups

For something different, you can serve mousse cups. Chocolate mousse is beloved by so many people. There are also caramel and other flavors of mousse. They are served individually and can be a great way to have a dessert that classes it up. If you want to serve luxurious and elegant desserts, serving a mousse is a tasty option that everyone will love.

Caramel Apples

Another unique option for a dessert that people like but don't get very often is caramel apples. It is another individual dessert that people will enjoy. Not only is it a good dessert for your wedding, it is an alternative to chocolate and other more traditional pastries. Caramel apples are delicious and you'll be able to satisfy those who don't like chocolate or cake.

Traditional Cake

Whether you want to include these desserts or not, you should decide if you want to serve a traditional cake. A lot of couples simply want the ritual of cutting the cake together. Consider if you will serve other desserts. You should make other wedding decisions before you decide on a cake. Not only should you consider the other desserts, food, and themes of the wedding, it's necessary to consider your budget. A large wedding cake will be expensive. The price per slice ranges from around $3 to $30.

When people are arranging and attending a wedding, everyone wants to eat some delicious dessert. While you want to satisfy everyone, price and convenience come into play. You can't make sure everyone likes the desserts you choose, but you can see to it that there are options.

This is your special day. At the end of the day, it's up to you. What do you want to eat for dessert? If you spend some time thinking about it and weighing your options, you'll be able to satisfy yourself and your guests. 

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