Ingredients that Improve Skin and Hair from Around the World

Ingredients that Improve Skin and Hair from Around the World
(Photo : Ingredients that Improve Skin and Hair from Around the World)

Beauty has been a priority of every culture since the beginning of time. How our skin glows and how our hair flows have been the simplest tools used to obtain lands, inspire art, and even ignite wars. 

The vanity behind our modern beauty standards comes from a sensible place, which is just listening to what the body expresses on the outside, what is going well and what could be going wrong. We have to stay healthy, whether it's to see our kids grow up, get the longest-term life insurance policy possible, or enjoy life to its fullest..

We all want that magic glow, and it's no secret that the beauty and healthcare industry makes billions because of it. Around the world, people have used the land to enhance beauty, and thanks to your local fresh market the benefits of these centuries-long tricks are closer to your disposal than you think.

From the Inside Out

Acne, dry flaky skin, and redness may seem funny when you're pointing out to a teenager that their body is changing, but what the puberty books fail to mention is how to decode the language that is our skin. From our diets, illnesses, and even atmosphere, our skin is a great indicator for telling us what we need before we know we need it.

Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil comes from Melaleuca Alternifolia, which is a small tree that grows in New South Wales, Australia. Many beauty products for both hair and skin use tea tree oil to appear more natural since organic is what not only sells but sells at a higher price.

Tea tree oil is anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for treating redness and acne. Having medicinal properties, it's often used to treat dandruff and even athlete's foot. You can buy tea tree oil almost anywhere to use along with your current beauty regime. It can freshen your space, or you can add a few drops to homemade skin and hair masks.

Grape Seed Oil

Coming from various regions, grape seed oil is the secret treasure of wineries across the globe, and especially along the Mediterranean Sea. Just when we thought that wine was grapes' greatest trick, in comes the benefits of grape seed loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E and C. Beneficial from combating breakouts to even protecting your skin from sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Grapeseed oil can be added to homemade beauty products as well as taken orally. The health benefits of grapeseed oil are mainly found in the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids and are growing in popularity for cooking. The best part of adding grape seed to both your diet and beauty regime is that using it can be as simple as rubbing on your face or using to coat your favorite veggies.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Feel the tranquility of tropical Asia, India, China, and Africa by using Gymnema Sylvestre. Medically, the benefits have been used to help reduce blood sugar, regulate insulin levels, and lose weight. When you're healthy inside, it shows on the outside. You can speed it up after making a delicious cup of Gymnema Sylvestre tea using the tea bags as an eye care treatment, which helps reduce the appearance of tired eyes.

For Hair like an Heiress

Changing our hair is one of the most intimate and creative ways we use to express ourselves. However, to enjoy all of the different variations of style, our hair has to be healthy first. The length of one's hair has been used as a status symbol, a form of ritual, a uniform, and a cultural identifier throughout history, making caring for your scalp and hair health anything but vain. 

Whether you want to grow your hair, dye, cut, shave, or maintain it, making time for some scalp and hair self-care can boost your confidence and make a night at home feel like being in a luxurious spa.


Found mainly in Europe, peppermint is beloved globally in various forms, but my favorite is in a hair mask. Wonderful for strengthening qualities any way you decide to use peppermint in your hair care routine, you'll be sure to notice a difference in the overall durability of your hair. Peppermint improves scalp health, which allows your hair to grow healthy and fast.

If you're like me and hate hair being in your face, peppermint can be a crucial plant in keeping your hair from breakage and split ends. In addition to the hair benefits and great taste, peppermint also smells amazing. Before going out I like to rub just a dime-size amount of peppermint oil through my hair just to add a pleasant aid to my perfume.


My good friend who's a hair stylist and cosmetologist recently made me aware of how this simple herb from Israel could be useful outside of my kitchen. Rosemary culturally gets used in many dishes, but it also delays graying and combats the negative effects of dry scalp. If you have dry skin, tend to brush your hair frequently, or need extra help to keep from scratching your head, including some fresh rosemary or rosemary oil could change your life.


Is this the Brazilian beauty secret of the century? I think it is because this plant, like the water it grows by, will hydrate your scalp the way you hoped the expensive product sitting in the depth of your bathroom cabinet would've done. 

If your hair has been looking dull, the pro-vitamin A in buriti will be sure to make it shine. To get the glossy just out of a salon shine at home adding this oil to your daily products, shampoo, conditioner, or homemade hair mask will keep your hair moisturized. If you live in a dry climate, rubbing buriti oil through your hair in the summertime will protect your hair from damage while giving you picture-day ready, lovable hair.

Danielle Beck-Hunter is a health and wellness writer for the life insurance site, Passionate about natural skin and hair care, Danielle often researches and experiments with different ingredients to keep both her hair and skin as healthy as possible.

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