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Lifestyle Miami Collaborates with Local Talent to Showcase the True Vibe of the Community

(Photo : Lifestyle Miami Collaborates with Local Talent to Showcase the True Vibe of the Community)

K​nown for its vibrant, festive, and exciting culture, Miami is a city that captivates our imaginations and inspires a little travel fever in all of us. Certainly, known as the world's nightlife capital, Miami has a unique vibe indicative of a city offering gorgeous beaches, incredible food culture, and iconic hotels and accommodations. Lifestyle Miami, driven by content and social media, collaborates with local talent to showcase the authentic vibe of the city. 

Created by Miguel Zuluenta, Lifestyle Miami uses Instagram to tell Miami's individual story by sharing informative and engaging posts directing residents and visitors alike to the best of the city. "Lifestyle Miami was launched to showcase everything Miami has to offer," says Miguel. "Capturing the city is our passion, and we truly enjoy driving audiences to the best this city has to offer."

Through growth and exposure, Miguel was able to scale connections, businesses, and opportunities for not only himself but local talent as well. "The power of small business and culture is the foundation of Miami," explains Miguel. "We set out to create a digital space that focused on that promoting the true vibe of Miami and challenging peoples preconceived notions of the city." Believing that connection is power, Lifestyle Miami is able to elevate the voices of local talent, giving them the proper exposure to a broader audience. 

Heavily invested in the community, Miguel works hard to align Lifestyle Miami with charity events and philanthropic efforts, including pet adoption events, beach cleanups, homeless outreach, and disaster relief efforts. Believing that outreach and charity are crucial to a thriving city, Miguel maintains it as a digital strategy priority. 

L​lifestyle Miami takes a niche approach to marketing a vast city. "Miami is hands-down one of the best cities to live in," states Miguel. "Zeroing in on the local talent and culture provides an accurate snapshot of an incredibly diverse place." With talent and diversity at the forefront, Lifestyle Miami covers it all. 

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