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Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips to Help You Feel Your Best

Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips to Help You Feel Your Best
(Photo : Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips to Help You Feel Your Best )

Beauty is not skin-deep. Instead, true beauty is both inward and outward. Beauty is not only how you look, think, and feel but also your aura, your environment, what you believe in, and the actions you take to stand behind your convictions. 

Everyone is beautiful, but it is up to you to take strides to show the world what makes you attractive. When you are happy, living your best life, and living in an environment that suits you, you will be stunning. 

Check out the top eco-friendly beauty tips to help you feel your best:

Recycle and Reuse Whenever Possible

Beauty products can be expensive. Depending on your self-care routine, always buying everything from the products themselves to makeup removal pads adds up quickly. 

Fortunately, changing this habit to recycle and reuse is not difficult and can save you money. 

When it comes to shampoo bottles and other containers, try to find another use or reuse them. Yet, if that is not possible, at least recycle these bottles. Oddly, even strict kitchen recyclers often don't even consider recycling the plastic outside the kitchen. (Don't worry, it's a common issue, but once you know to do it, imagine all the plastic you will save from landfills.)

When it comes to makeup removers, though, you are in luck. Instead of using the typical one-use cotton makeup remover made with chemicals and fertilizers, switch to reusable cotton rounds

Besides being reusable (and washable), these cotton rounds are 100% organic bamboo cotton. That means no harmful chemicals or fertilizers come in contact with your skin when you remove your makeup.

Use Products that Make You Feel Good

When you find a product you believe in, using it will add to your shine.  

Using eco-friendly products, for example, helps you be sure you are doing what is best for your body and the environment. 

The natural and organic makeup of eco-friendly products agrees with your body, inside and out, much better than chemical products.

However, beauty products are not the only eco-friendly option that you can feel good about using. 

Here are a few everyday items you can use around your home that help you and the environment:

  • Reusable lunch wraps and zip-lock bags are just as easy as the throw-away kind.

  • Bamboo charcoal bags are great for eliminating odors.

  • Eco-friendly razors focus on sustainability and quality, erasing your need for those cheap, plastic razors.

  • Reusable coffee and drink cups are a fashionable way to do your part to help the environment.

Take a Quick Hot and Cold Shower

It can be challenging to take a quick shower, but from an eco-friendly perspective, when you take a quick shower, you are saving water. However, that isn't the beautiful part of this steamy tip. 

The beauty portion of this tip is to take a hot and cold shower to feel your best. For most of the time, the shower can be warm. However, in the end, turn the water to cold. This type of shower offers a host of advantages for you, and it gives your water heater a break. 

Besides the eco-friendly aspect of this quick, green shower, it offers both inward and outward benefits:

  • It wakes you up and helps you focus.

  • Switching from hot to cold water helps your circulation.

  • Hot water opens your pores so you can enjoy the benefits of your shower products to the fullest, but cold water closes them off again, keeping them from getting clogged. (Fewer clogs means fewer pimples and blackheads!)

  • The cold water helps your hair look shiny and helps hair follicles close, which keeps them healthy.

Pay attention to Eco-Friendly Packaging

Zero Waste Week reported that every year the cosmetic industry creates 120 billion units of packaging.

Fortunately, companies are starting to pay attention and reduce their packaging or at least make it compostable. However, it is still up to you to choose the right brands that are conscientious about their effect on deforestation and the environment. 

There are eco-friendly brands that ensure their packaging matches their product, but not all are so vigilant. One of the best ways to make a difference is to buy products with eco-friendly packaging. The only way to make these companies pay attention is to show them the type of beauty product we want by supporting that product any way we can.

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