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5 Strategies to Connect with Your Dog on a Deeper Level

5 Strategies to Connect with Your Dog on a Deeper Level
(Photo : 5 Strategies to Connect with Your Dog on a Deeper Level)

In the United States, it's estimated that over 85 million of us own a pet. If you're a dog lover and have your very own pooch roaming around your home, establishing a strong bond with your four-legged friend can benefit the both of you in many ways, whether it's reducing stress levels, getting outdoors, or socializing. However, some dog owners struggle to connect with man's best friend. If this sounds like you, here are some simple ways you can strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Spend Quality Time Together

One of the best ways to improve your relationship with your dog is by spending more time with them. Some breeds are needier than others, so depending on what type of dog you have, you must factor in plenty of time to cater to their needs. If you're one of the millions who are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you have the opportunity to spend more time with your pooch. Whether it's snuggling on the couch, or taking your dog out for a walk, sharing experiences together can only enhance your relationship. 

Communicate Clearly

Like with human beings, confusion and misunderstandings are what can damage good relationships with our pets. When communicating with your pooch, make sure to be clear with your actions, so they understand the boundaries you have laid out. If you don't train your dog, they will run riot around your home and have you wrapped around their finger, which shouldn't be the case. If you are bringing a puppy into the home especially, you must set aside plenty of time and patience to train them.

Groom Your Dog

For many of us, there is no better feeling than going to the salon and getting a haircut, and if you have a dog, they may also need their fur to be regularly trimmed in order to stay happy and healthy. Grooming your dog can be a great opportunity to check for and treat fleas, as well as identify any health and skin problems. If your dog groomers are not open due to COVID-19, there are DIY tips that can help keep your dog's coat shiny and healthy from home.

Stay Calm

If your dog is playing up, the last thing you should do is lose your temper or raise your voice. Doing so won't do anything to resolve the situation and you may find your stress levels spiral out of control. To build a good connection with your dog, staying calm will encourage your pooch to stay calm too, both in and out of the home. 

Provide Treats

You will have difficulty finding a dog that doesn't love a treat. One of the best ways to strengthen the relationship with your dog is by rewarding their good behavior with some tasty treats. If you want to show others how much you love your pooch, why not treat yourself and head to which sells a variety of socks that are perfect for dog lovers?

No matter the age or breed of dog, there are simple tactics you can try out which can help you form a strong connection with your pooch. 

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