Scorpion Jewelry: The Beauty of Danger

Scorpion Jewelry: The Beauty of Danger
(Photo : Scorpion Jewelry: The Beauty of Danger)

At first glance, a scorpion amulet may seem a little harsh and gruff. However, if you bother to learn the history and significance of this arthropod, you will see that people have been relying on its powers as a talisman for millennia. 

The dangerous and in its own way beautiful representative of the animal kingdom appeals to jewelry enthusiasts from all over the world. But before you put on a gold or silver scorpion pendant, it's worth investigating its symbolic meaning. 

In every nation, culture, and even subculture, a scorpion image has unique interpretations. For Egyptians, for instance, a scorpion is associated with the world of the dead. In Japan, it is a symbol of marital fidelity. Africans are wary of it due to its relation to the concepts of hatred and revenge. Arab countries give scorpions opposite meanings - these animals represent justice and wisdom. 

The Symbol of Loners

Scorpions lead a rather solitary lifestyle. For this reason, they symbolize loneliness. They mate violently, passionately, but carefully so as not to hit a partner with a deadly sting. Therefore, the image of a scorpion also symbolizes control. In fact, many people who choose a scorpion as their totem animal have passionate but short-lived relationships. Ultimately, they remain alone because this is their nature.

Attacker and Defender

Scorpions can stand up for themselves. Their well-known self-defense mechanism is clearly manifested in their behavior. The very look of the venomous creature says "Don't mess with me. Back off". A scorpion amulet carries an equal meaning - don't cross my path unless you're looking for trouble. At the same time, scorpions never attack first. They peacefully coexist with the world around them and do not want to harm anyone for no reason. If you, too, consider yourself a good guy who furiously fights for the right cause, a scorpion amulet is going to be an ideal sidekick.

Scorpions in World Cultures

In Samaria, one of the many cradles of civilization, the venomous arthropod was associated with the Sun. Ancient texts and drawings depicted Scorpio Men who guarded the sacred gates leading to the heavenly disc and giving enlightenment.

Death, as a symbolic meaning of scorpions, comes into play already in ancient times, when Artemis (Diana) instigated a Scorpio to sting Orion. This bite turned out to be deadly. After this incident, Zeus (Jupiter) made Scorpio one of the zodiac signs.

In the Middle Ages, the arthropod was commonly used in medicine due to its alleged homeopathic properties. Healers utilized its venom to treat smallpox, syphilis, poisoning, and even mental illnesses. In some countries, it is still deployed as an antidote to cobra bites.

In Egypt and Tibet, the occurrence of scorpions considered to be a bad omen. To find protection against evil fate and unwanted changes, people started crafting amulets depicting this very animal. To this day, animal amulets made of silver and other materials endowed with incredible powers serve as protectors and patron saints. 

Among African tribes, the attitude towards a scorpion was and still is ambiguous. On the one hand, it is a symbol of revenge and a messenger of death. On the other hand, Africans appreciate the sense of justice and perseverance embodied in this little creature. A scorpion is some sort of a judge who can kill or heal, but healing must be deserved. An interesting fact - once a scorpion adorned the emblem of Africa as a personification of the earth.

In Christianity, the significance of the arthropod is not that nice. It symbolizes betrayal and is associated with Judas. It embodies the evil of Satan and three mortal sins: heresy, hatred, and envy.

Scorpion Jewelry for Women

A scorpion is a symbol of paradoxical duality. While being small and harmless in appearance, it is capable of inflicting a fatal sting and instilling fear in the mightiest of opponents. Hence, a piece of jewelry depicting a scorpion and worn by a woman is able to emphasize her strength, both physical and especially mental.

When picking up scorpion jewelry, girls, most often, want to say something like "I am small but strong / dangerous / unpredictable."

At the same time, ladies may resort to meanings common in Japanese culture where scorpions symbolize wisdom, conjugal love, devotion, and loyalty.

Sometimes, the image of the hazardous animal serves as a reminder of sorrowful and impactful events such as unrequited love, betrayal of a loved one, an act of retribution, etc.

Scorpion Jewelry for Men

When a scorpion symbol is utilized by a guy, it doesn't necessarily speak of strength. Rather, it is a representation of nobility, concentration, and justice. On top of that, it may denote a desire to accept challenges and readiness to fight and protect. 

The scorpion symbol is of particular importance for military men. It speaks of courage and the willingness to fight till the end without losing honor and dignity.

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