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A Five Step Guide To Buying Engagement Ring For Your Spouse

Engagement Ring
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With so many ring styles and jewellery stores to choose from, it can seem difficult to find out where and how to buy the ideal engagement ring. It's one of the greatest purchases you'll ever make, after all, so you want to ensure that you're doing it properly. 

Not just because this investment can be followed by such a large expense, and also because you expect your spouse to appreciate it as much as you appreciate them. Don't worry if you are actually starting to feel anxious about venturing on your quest for the ideal depiction of your love and dedication. 

To handle the burden out of the overall engagement ring hunt, we've developed a user-friendly buyers guide.

Don't run after the trends

A timeless, iconic sign of your love that will last forever should be an engagement ring, so the task should be to find the stone that is the ideal match for your future fiancé. To see what would best suit his or her personality, look at their current jewellery. 

Is your partner into gold or platinum or diamond engagement rings? Do they wear statement jewellery or go for simple items instead? Take inspiration from their latest style to tell them how to choose the item they want to wear for the rest of their lives every day. 

Consider all the options

Engagement rings as well as wedding bands are typically made of yellow gold, white gold , silver, or platinum, while rose gold has evolved as a new , modern option in recent years. 

Although platinum may look very similar to silver, as it has a higher density, platinum is usually more costly. Some metals scratch faster than others, so, of course, be sure to understand lifestyle and also budget before deciding how important the final call is for a metal factor.

Determine clarity & cut 

Save big by buying the minimum diamond colour that, when placed in a ring, will always appear colourless to the human eye. Usually, this is an I or J colour for round diamonds in white gold. You could even go down to a K colour in yellow gold.  

The price gap between a J colour and a D colour is huge. The same definition goes for clarity. Look for the diamond with the lowest clarity that is always clean to the naked eye, since it will appear the same as a perfect diamond, considering that everything else is similar. 

Choose a color

The colour of a diamond is influenced by external nitrogen trace minerals which were available when the diamond grew under the crust of the Earth. A diamond with less colour can have greater brightness and heat, would be considered costlier and will therefore be of significant quality.

Shop with your partner 

Engagement ring buying can be a difficult challenge - provide for with a little assistance from your mates. Ask those who have been interested in jeweller advice and ask someone who knows you and your future spouse and whose taste you enjoy and admire for their exquisite opinion.

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