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Kybella: the Confidence Formula

Kybella: the Confidence Formula
(Photo : Kybella: the Confidence Formula)

Let's imagine for a second that you're at some kind of an important meeting, interview, conference, dinner, etc. Wherever it might be, it's a really important day for you and it's crucial to you that this evening goes by flawlessly. But everyone has this little voice in their head, that begins to tell them things that may simply be untrue, like you're not looking your absolute best, the person you're talking to thinks you're weird, why are they looking at me, etc. These are the tiny insecure thoughts that go through everyone's mind from time to time, but at their worst, they can ruin an otherwise perfect social gathering. 

Modern cosmetic dermatology is complex and the number of procedures is overwhelming. One of the successful approaches to navigate the myriad of options available is to look at the practitioner's gallery, which usually showcases the results of real patients. So by looking at Kybella before and after pictures you could decide whether you are going to be a good candidate and if you are, whether you will be in skilled hands. 

There are many aspects of ourselves that fuel these insecurities and among the largest ones is our physical appearance. Sure, you may be perfectly confident in how you look, even at your worst, which is absolutely fantastic. It's great to feel comfortable in your own skin and be proud of your appearance. But this isn't a level of confidence that's particularly common to a lot of people. Many of us just can't live comfortably with how we look and that's a very painful truth. And a big area of the body that can contribute to this is the double chin, which so many people have. 


What Happens Behind the Curtain

Before going in for a treatment, you'll probably want to know what to expect from it. Surprises can be really fun, but not when they involve a cosmetic procedure with injections and chemicals. The more you leave in question, the less comfortable you'll be when going to the clinic.

Luckily, Kybella isn't a trade secret, nor is it some kind of black magic that's impossible for most to understand. The procedure is a lot simpler than you think, at least the concept behind it. Our body develops its own chemicals and acids which help to regulate and perform different functions inside the body. 

One of these chemicals is an acid called the deoxycholic acid which is used to digest the fat you consume in your food. It is specialized at burning away fat cells that enter your digestive system and is a perfectly natural chemical your body produces for its everyday functions. The Kybella compound is a synthetic version of this very acid, which is created to function the same exact way that the natural chemical does, as it burns away fat cells without damaging other kinds of mass.

Which is why when injected into an area with a lot of fat, the Kybella compound chisels away at it. With enough visits to the clinic and the right injections, the compound will slowly but surely chip away at the fat clump and trim it down. This will eventually get rid of the extra chin, toning the jawline and giving it that straight, chiseled look that it had before the fat buildup.


What to Know Before the Procedure

As with any other procedure, cosmetic or otherwise, you really need to know what to expect from it before going in. Again, when injections or any other kinds of medical procedures are involved, you want to leave as many surprises behind the door as possible.

The procedure is injection-based, making it a minimally invasive one, which means there aren't any cuts or opening of the skin, making recovery much easier for the patient and the procedure a lot less tense for the surgeon. You don't have to worry about any scarring or stitches and the downtime following the treatment is much shorter. So, all-in-all, with minimally invasive procedures, you're only winning.

This also means that the overall time it takes to get treated is very short. Expect to get into the clinic and leave within an hour if you have a properly booked time slot, get there on time and no other complications arise. And even though you may need to get treated a few times for the results to be as visible as possible, it's barely a hassle, considering how easy and quick the procedure is.

And if you're afraid of needles or simply don't like the small stinging sensation even from the tiniest needles, then you really have nothing to worry about. No one wants to cause you pain and that's why numbing cream exists to get rid of any unwanted sensations you may experience during the procedure. Once enough of it has been applied to your face, the skin will go completely numb and you won't feel a thing for as long as the procedure lasts.

Choosing the Right Clinic

And all this comes down to is picking the right clinic to visit. Sure the quality of the compound is super important, as well as how the procedure is performed. This all depends on the kind of clinic you choose to visit and which treatment plan to take.

There are many clinics all across the world that offer Kybella for a very affordable price without sacrificing the quality of service in any way. And if you live in NYC, then Skinly Aesthetics is one of the clinics you should be on the lookout for. They have many different treatment plans to choose from and one of their most popular ones happens to be the Kybella NYC package, which includes a professional and high-quality treatment, but for a reasonable price that won't bring with it any unpleasant surprises. You can check out their website for more information on this particular deal and take advantage of it as soon as you can.

But even if you don't live in a big city like NYC, you'll still be able to find a few clinics in your area that offer Kybella. It may not be as big of a name as something like Botox or dermal fillers, but this is because of its very unique area of specialization. While Kybella does burn away fat regardless of where it is, most of the time, it is used to treat the area under the neck to get rid of the double chin.

So if you feel like this is something that can help improve your self-image and give you that extra boost of confidence, then try out Kybella for yourself and see how it goes.

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