A Review of Cel MD’s Haircare Product Line

A Review of Cel MD’s Haircare Product Line
(Photo : A Review of Cel MD’s Haircare Product Line)

We are all familiar with health and beauty product advertising that seems to be everywhere. Brand loyalty is a big thing in the industry because, with a selection so large, people stick with what they know works. I am no different, and I have used the same few product lines for years. 

When a friend told me about Cel and its haircare product line, I was interested because I was struggling with my hair. I had always had thick and healthy hair, but the combination of hormonal changes and a new medication had caused it to start thinning. It also had a more brittle texture, which was listed as a potential side effect of the medication. 

When I first looked into Cel, I was impressed by the lack of glittery, too good to be true promises. Instead, what I found was factual information about the ingredients of each product, how they should be used, and a realistic timeline for results. With my friend's endorsement to rely on, I made my first purchase of Cel's Hair Stimulation Serum. 

Products reviewed

The hair stimulation serum came with a free sample of Cel shampoo and conditioner. The first thing I liked was that the serum did not leave a greasy film on my hair. Instead, it added a subtle shine to my hair. I knew that it would take weeks to notice a difference in hair growth, but I was pleased with the way my hair looked after the twice-daily application. 

The hair simulation serum's ingredients listed no harsh chemicals that can damage your hair instead of restoring it to its former health. It has almost no odor, which is helpful for people with smell sensitivities

I waited a couple of days to try the trial sized shampoo and conditioner. The products are hypoallergenic with no paraben or sulfate, which is common in most shampoos. The bottles state that they promote high cell turnover to encourage new growth, but that was a result I wouldn't see for some time. The immediate result was clean, shiny hair that felt softer. The results were better than what I experienced with my salon formula shampoo and conditioner. 

I was so pleased with the shampoo and conditioner that I went online compare the price to my typical brand. Cel's shampoo and conditioner were slightly more expensive, but not prohibitively so. I will say I bought the shampoo and conditioner because of how it made my hair look and feel immediately. Because I continued to use it in conjunction with the Cel hair stimulation serum, I cannot honestly say if the shampoo and conditioner did anything to promote new growth. 

Within a couple of weeks of using the hair stimulation serum, I felt like I could see minor improvement. My hair grows unusually fast, so I would assume that the time it takes to notice results would vary with each person. 

Final results

I have used the shampoo, conditioner, and the hair stimulation serum for two months now. I can definitively see a difference in the thickness of my hair. My hair is not back to where it was before starting the medication, but it is much better than it was before I began using Cel. 

I am also pleasantly surprised at how long the products last. I recently placed a second order for the hair stimulation serum, but I still have almost half a bottle each of the shampoo and conditioner, and I wash my hair every other day. It does not take much of either of those to wash my medium length hair. That makes the products even more cost-effective than I first thought. 

I plan to use the hair stimulation serum until this order is gone and evaluate the progress at that time. If I see no further improvement, I would still say that the hair stimulation serum was worth the price I paid. The shampoo and conditioner are my new brand, as they leave no build-up on my hair while leaving it feeling fuller with improved shine.

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