Younique Offers Cosmetics Kit at 75% Off Retail

Younique Offers Cosmetics Kit at 75% Off Retail
(Photo : Younique Offers Cosmetics Kit at 75% Off Retail)

Due to the effects of the coronavirus (COVID19), there are currently more than 22 million Americans out of work. Many people are stuck at home, while countless others are struggling financially to make ends meet during these uncertain times. Boredom can kick in during long days stuck at home, yet the need to grow and thrive outside of the house is still there, even if we cannot physically leave our spaces. 

During these uncertain times, many people are looking to find work while staying at home. Younique, a direct-sales cosmetics company, says they have always been on the leading edge of allowing women (and men) the flexibility to work from home in a safe and supportive environment. Founded in 2012 by a brother and sister team to uplift and empower women in business, Younique says that they were among the first to encourage their Presenters to use social media as a platform to reach potential customers from the privacy and security of their own homes. 

Now, as the company replaces its original Younique virtual party platform, a new option, Rewards Links, are giving Younique Presenters and customers a more straightforward, better way to use their influence and share Younique, the company states. For those passionate about owning their own business but without the resources to invest in a traditional business, opportunities like Younique could be what they are looking to do. 

Younique Presenters Kit 

New Presenters who join Younique simply purchase a $99 Younique Presenter Kit which then enrolls them as a Presenter. The Presenter Kit, which is valued at $448, includes 15 of Younique's best-selling products that help you create your best looking skin, perfect your pout, and take your lashes to new lengths. That's 75% off of its retail value! 

The kit includes a variety of skin care and makeup items from Younique that work for a variety of skin types. This allows new Presenters to become familiar with top-products and learn what the brand's quality and difference is all about. 


Younique has been recognized in fashion magazines like InStyle, and with many beauty bloggers for their high-quality lash products. Included in the kit are the MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara and the MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D One-Step Fiber mascara. The MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D One-Step Fiber mascara is known for the fibers that add length, definition, and volume to the lashes. With the newer formula, Younique says that all you need for intense lashes is one coat to make you forget about false eyelashes forever.  

Younique's MOODSTRUCK ESTEEM lash serum is also included in the Presenter Kit. According to clinical tests the company conducted, the daily eyelash serum increases lash volume by up to 39%. It also provides longer-looking lashes by up to 29% after four weeks of twice-daily application, according to those same tests. 


The Younique Presenter Kit comes with eye makeup that includes Younique's DIP & DRAW Eyeliner, and the MOODSTRUCK Pressed Shadow Quad Palette with four shadows. The DIP & DRAW Eyeliner is designed for up to 18 hours of wear and is made with ingredients that condition the skin. Shades range from traditional black and brown to glittery silver and blue. 

The MOODSTRUCK Pressed Shadow Quad Palette is a refillable palette that allows for shades to be put in and out of it, depending on the wearer's mood. Shades come in a wide range of colors and hues. 

In addition to the eyeliner and eyeshadow palette, a brush for eyeshadows is also included in the Younique Presenter Kit. According to Younique, their fluffy crease brush gives shadows a soft-focus effect with the blending prowess of this tool. This oval-shaped eye brush sports soft, densely packed wool bristles for blending powder or cream shadows. 


Setting powder and a highlighter are included in this presenter kit too. Younique says that their TOUCH BEHOLD translucent setting powder gently sets and bakes product into the skin without being cakey or setting into the skin too deeply. Plus, there is no skin tone matching with this product, as it comes in a one-size-fits-all shade that is universally flattering to just about all skin types and tones, claims Younique. 

Younique's TOUCH À LA MODE powder luminizer is a gentle highlighter that can be used anywhere you want to highlight and play with light and shadows. Some highlighting products on the market can make you feel like a disco ball, but Younique's highlighter aims for a more natural glow. 


Younique Presenters receive two shades of Younique's MOODSTRUCK SPLASH liquid lipstick. The hybrid mousse-gel formula provides color that allows for buildable coverage with each application in any of the lipstick's 18 shades. According to Younique, the lipstick is made with a wax-free formula that will not fill in lines and also won't crack, flake, or peel away during the day. 


Skincare is an essential aspect of Younique's brand. The YOU·OLOGY line of skincare products from Younique allows customers to customize a skincare regimen that suits the individual needs and concerns of their skin. A few of the YOU·OLOGY products are also included in the Younique Presenter Kit. 

The YOU·OLOGY toning spritz tones the skin while helping maintain the appearance of fresh and smooth skin, according to Younique and several testimonials readily found online. Plus, it leaves a light, refreshing fragrance on the surface. 

Younique's YOU·OLOGY hydrating mask is a deep-moisturizing treatment for the face that can be left on for short periods or as long as overnight. Emollients and skin conditioning ingredients are said to have profound conditioning effects on the skin, according to Younique. 

Finally, the YOU·OLOGY cleansing cloths that are included in the Presenter Kit take away makeup, dirt, and grime from the day without stripping the skin of essential oils. They are formulated with ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and olive fruit oil. 

Other Benefits

In addition to the products included in the Younique Presenter Kit, the enrollment also grants new Younique Presenters access to exclusive products, bundles and product pricing, and other perks that are mentioned on the company's website. It's important to mention that you're not required to build a business when becoming a Younique Presenter. The tools are there for someone to do so, with great support from a well respected business, but for some, simply saving 75% off on premium quality cosmetics is reason enough to get a Younique Presenter Kit

Y-Cash and Rewards Points

A gift of $25 in Y-Cash is included in the Younique Presenter Kit. Y-Cash can be used towards more of the products that the Presenters enjoy most. Also, Presenters will receive a Rewards Link preloaded with 100 points, which also go toward Y-Cash. When Presenters qualify their link, they will earn at least another $20 in Y-CASH credit. 

Sharing Rewards Links

Younique says that they were the first direct sales cosmetics company to market and sell almost exclusively through social media. Now they are replacing their original YOUNIQUE virtual party platform, Rewards Links, while giving Younique Presenters and customers another way to use their influence and share Younique. The company claims that whether you're great at social media or only your friends and family follow you, it's never been easier to share your favorite products while getting rewarded at the same time. 

This Presenter Kit with the $25 in Y-Cash and 100 Rewards points is available now in a special offer from April through July of this year. With social distancing taking away many summer plans, many women might feel that now is the time to get involved in entrepreneurial offers like this one to support themselves and their families. For more information, visit Younique's website

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