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Tired of Wearing a Boring Face Mask? How About a Maskarade Instead?

Tired of Wearing a Boring Face Mask? How About a Maskarade Instead?
(Photo : Tired of Wearing a Boring Face Mask? How About a Maskarade Instead?)

The global coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll in many countries globally. However, we are starting to see the cases declining in many parts but even then, we still need to take precautions to protect ourselves every time we are out there.

One of the things required by health officials in New York right now is the face mask and for good reason. The mask provides a protective layer that reduces the risk of contracting this deadly virus.

However, most of the face masks we see out there are designed more with functionality in mind, other than a strong fashion sense.

Most people will agree that they wouldn't wear these masks in public unless they really have to and probably because of how dull and boring they look. But what if there was a more fashionable and stylish alternative that does just the same job? Well, there is.

Introducing the maskarade, a modern and fashionable mask, that makes wearing face masks a fashion statement that ultimately saves lives. Besides, we all know that there's a huge shortage of personal protective equipment.

There are probably thousands of health care workers out there who could really use those extra N95 surgical masks to save hospitalized patients. Improvising and creating a homemade mask, or visiting the Maskarade Shop by Brooke Korine ensures that these dwindling supplies go to the right hands.

Beautifully designed maskarades, featuring stylish prints, and high-quality fabrics, are going to make a huge difference during these tough times. Some of the maskarades we have seen in fact come with adjustable straps and some creative stylish designs that will bring a smile in the faces of everyone you come across.

During times of disaster, it takes the efforts of everyone for the rest of the world to pull through. This is that time and you can rest assured that you will be doing the world a huge favor by wearing a maskarade as opposed to the recommended N95 surgical masks.

Besides, maskarades give you a lot of versatility. You can choose between different colors, making yourself stand out in the crowd.

If you want to, you can even incorporate a message of hope on your maskarade just to remind your loved ones and your community that we will get through this. If there is a time we need people to step up and spread hope to the world, then this has to be it.

Maskarades allows us to spread that hope while keeping ourselves safe and helping medical service workers treat affected patients by making sure the protective equipment they need is available.

But there's more. Maskarades, unlike your average medical face mask, are compatible with dozens of accessories. For example, if I were you I would pair them up with a set of luxury sunglasses. You may also pair your maskarade with a matching hoodie, a hat, a scarf, or anything else you want.

The pieces are just that versatile. Well, in case you think that this is a great idea, you will be happy to know that there are several places from where you can buy your maskarade today.

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