10 Reasons Why Getting a Puppy Is Self Care

10 Reasons Why Getting a Puppy Is Self Care
(Photo : 10 Reasons Why Getting a Puppy Is Self Care)

You don't have to be a psychologist to know that puppies make people happy. Most people in this world can't help but feel their hearts warm when they see the cute and snuggling face of a baby canine. 

If you're thinking about getting a puppy, but you're worried about the responsibility, your roommate, or whatever may be stopping you, take some time to consider how this move could be great for you.

If anyone argues, just tell them it's your form of self-care. Trust us, it's not BS, here are ten ways that getting a puppy is good for your health and overall well-being. 

They're Furry Therapists

Did you know that pet therapy, also called animal-assisted therapy (AAT), has been proven to reduce anxiety, pain, and depression? Many people, from a wide range of mental and physical conditions, can benefit from a furry pal in their life. 

Doctors use AAT to help veterans with PTSD, cancer patients, and those in physical therapy who are working to improve their fine motor skills. If a puppy is prescribed medicine, then it's pretty apparent that they're good for your health. 

They're Good for the Heart

The American Heart Association found that having a dog in your life can actually reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. That means when your puppy warms your heart during snuggle sessions, your health is improving!

They'll Keep You Active

If you have a dog, you'll have no excuses to get outside and get moving! What better way to unwind and get out in nature than to go on an adventure with your pup side-kick? Whether it's short walks around the block or long hiking trails, you and your puppy will love the quality time and exercise. 

They Take Away Stress

Research shows that something as simple as petting your dog can increase levels of oxytocin and lower levels of cortisol in your brain. This means that all of those negative feelings that you brought home from work will be replaced by love and comfort. 

A Puppy Is Your Best Friendwoman carrying and kissing dog

Adulthood is hard. When your friends start working, getting married, and having kids, it's easy to feel lonely. Pets help our sense of belonging and companionship. One study even found that pet owners have higher levels of self-esteem. 

They Can Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit; you know that. If you're a smoker, you're also probably well aware of how difficult it is to kick a nicotine habit. A puppy can help since you won't want the harmful effects of second-hand smoke to impact the health of your fur baby!

They Boost Your Immune System

Dogs can benefit your overall health, and they can even sniff out life-threatening issues. Whether it's identifying cancer or knowing when their owner is experiencing a seizure, they're there to look after your well-being. 

You'll Stick to a Routine

short-coated brown dog lying on bed

One of the essential processes of self-care is learning to stick to a routine in your life. Your puppy will need to wake up, eat, pee, and sleep, and you're going to have to make sure you stick to a schedule. This isn't just good for your pup, but it's also useful for you! 

They're the Best Listeners

Do you ever feel like you just need to vent to someone, but there's no one around? Talking to your dog is one of the best ways to release any feelings that you maybe wouldn't trust with another person. Even though they won't be able to give you verbal advice, they'll be listening. 

You'll Smile More

boy holding dog

Sure, your bathroom will be packed with at home dog dental products, but it'll be you who's smiling more. Turning that frown upside down can actually trick your brain into happiness, and laughter is excellent medicine. A puppy is the best reason to lift your mood. 

The Verdict

The next time someone tells you that getting a puppy is too much responsibility, return back to this article and show them all the reasons we mentioned that it could be perfect for your self-care. A puppy will only bring more love into your life!

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