4 Tips to Get You Out of the Friend Zone Fast

4 Tips to Get You Out of the Friend Zone Fast
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Ok, so you've found yourself in the friend zone. Now you face an uphill battle to climb back out before she finds herself a boyfriend. Well, good news! There are plenty of ways in which you can prove yourself to be boyfriend worthy and turn her attention to you like that rather than a best friend. 

Being friends with the opposite sex is an amazing experience, and can be like you're brother and sister, helping each other delve into opposite worlds. It can be fun, informative, and create a bond that no other rivals. 

However, if your feelings have found you in a tricky spot between friendship and love, then being friends with her could be a daily cycle of hurt as she unknowingly talks about other boys and last night's date, amongst other things that friends share.

So what do you do? How do you turn things around before it's too late? Let's take a look at four simple tips you can follow to get out of the friend zone quickly.

Check the Tone of Your Texts

Texting is the most common form of long-distance communication between people nowadays, but we still all seem to get it so wrong when it comes to girls! Unlike a face to face conversation or on the phone, the 'tone' of your texts can hold a lot of meaning. For example, a simple 'Hi' can sound joyful or abrupt when used in the wrong context at the wrong time. 

The use of emojis has become a lifesaver when trying to get your point across in the right way, however, text too much, and she might view you as desperate or somebody with a soft personality. It can be a turn off for many girls as this article explains! 

Whereas the opposite, not replying to texts and leaving her hanging for too long, will see her becoming frustrated, and you inevitably come across as rude and uninterested in her, especially if she is already used to you replying with gusto. 

Try for a happy medium, don't be there at her beck and call but apologize later for not replying, explain yourself but not in a groveling way. Text back and forth to hold meaningful conversations, and when the topic dies out, let it. A flirty morning text now and then will also show your interest in your relationship changing.

Flirting Is Key

Flirting is your best chance of showing her that you're interested. However, flirting amongst friends can often be taken as a joke, and over flirting could make her creeped out. 

The key to flirting with any girl is making her feel special and making her want more. For example, when you go out, spend time with other friends, chat with strangers, and leave her alone to be independent. Then, rejoin her with a compliment, a funny joke, or aiming your body language at her. The aim is to be confident and show her that you don't need her, but you want her. 

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 

When your head and heart feel like they are in a wrestling match over a girl, it's time you took some time for yourself. Besides, taking some time to work on your emotional wellbeing, appearance, and overall health only stands you in better stead for being noticed by her.

Taking some time away from her will also make her miss you, and as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. While away, you can keep her thinking about you by sending a few text messages back and forth with a flirty undertone but nothing more. She needs to respect your alone time and privacy. 

Upon your return to normal, she will have hopefully missed you so much that her feelings are starting to arise as something different too.

Spend Time Alone

Being confident enough to ask her to spend time alone with you away from her circle of friends is a big part of why guys end up joining the friend zone club.

It can be difficult to find those moments alone where you can bond on a different level when you have an active group of friends around you, but these moments are crucial. Take an interest in her hobbies and share your passions with her, then take the next opportunity to spend some alone time with her. This could be going to the cinema, listening to music, or anything you both find interesting. 

No pressure, you aren't asking her out on a date. Instead, you're stealing away bits of time where you can become closer as 'friends' until the moment is right to become more than that

If All Else Fails, Accept It! 

Some things in life, we must accept, and this could be one of them. It's vital to remember that there could be a reason why you've found yourself in the friend zone in the first place; she values you greatly as a friend but genuinely isn't interested in you in any other way. 

Harsh but possibly true, and this is something you must come to terms with. It's better to have her as a friend than not have her at all!

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