Create Your Own Birthday Invitations With These Cool Invite Ideas

Create Your Own Birthday Invitations With These Cool Invite Ideas
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If you're looking for a unique and personal way to invite people to your party, you should consider making your own invitations!

Keep reading our guide full of ideas on how to create your own birthday invitations that everyone will love.

Integrate Your Theme

It's way easier to plan a party when you have an awesome theme so that you can easily decorate and prepare. After you've chosen your theme, make sure you make it clear on the design of your birthday invitations. Use a nice clean stock image or an image of your own as the background picture of your invites.

If your party has a specific color scheme, integrate it into your invitations, using it as text and background colors. A bright color scheme is a great way to express excitement and make sure your invite stands out.

Ideas Perfect for a Childs Party

You can have so much fun with birthday invites for your child's party. An idea we love is having your child draw a picture that you can print on one side of the invitation. Try having your child draw what they hope their birthday looks like, complete with a text inviting them to the party.

On the other side, print all the necessary party details so that they are nice and legible. This invitation can turn into a memorable keepsake for your guests. Letting your kid have a hand in their own party will be fun for them too!

A useful and great idea for your creative child is to make an invitation that includes a paper mache mini kite. This is a great way for kids to have something to bring to the party that they can all play with together, made by your little one. Head to this blog to see how to make these easy and cute little kites!

Another cute idea for a party that your inviting children to is to make an invitation that includes confetti. Make a card that has a cleaver saying such as, "It's not a party until someone throws confetti!" and staple in a baggie of confetti that the kid can use at home. This will get everyone revved up and excited for the party!

Something Sweet

Everyone loves candy, so why not surprise your guest with some by including them in your invitation?

An idea we think is so different is making a cute mason jar-shaped invitation. Make two sides of the mason jar, then include clear filament at the center. Stapel your faux jar and fulfillment together, filling it with colorful gummy worms.

This is a great way to invite everyone to celebrate the "sweet" day with you.

Create Your Own Birthday Invitations Everyone Will Love

If you create your own birthday invitations, it shows you went the extra mile and people will be so excited to see how great the party will be. Have some fun with these awesome ideas!

For more advice on parenting, for both mom and dad, head to our site!

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