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Pins and Things: 7 Awesome Ways to Wear Pins, Buttons, Brooches, and Badges

Pins and Things: 7 Awesome Ways to Wear Pins, Buttons, Brooches, and Badges
(Photo : Pins and Things: 7 Awesome Ways to Wear Pins, Buttons, Brooches, and Badges)

Pins, buttons, badges, and brooches are a great way to spruce up any outfit.

If you've found yourself a bit bored with your clothes, then maybe it's time to start adding some of these things to your look. When you've had the same clothes for a long time, it can be daunting to take the fashion leap. Doing it can be liberating, though.

Today, we're going to show you 7 fashionable ways that you can apply pins and things to your look. Like anything in fashion, you're going to run into naysayers, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. Let us help you find the right add-ons for your look.

1. Wear a Pin On Your Jean Jacket

Jean jackets make the perfect canvas for one, two, or twelve pins. You can make a statement, both visually and vocally, with a set of pins on the chest pocket flaps of your jean jacket.

The beauty of this look is that you get to say something about yourself and what you're interested in. Maybe you've got a pin from your best friend's Etsy shop and a pin from your favorite political candidates. Combine them and you're starting to showcase your personality within your look.

It makes wearing your jean jacket even more fun. Get ready for all the admiring looks as you walk down the street and remember, when someone's staring really hard at your chest, it's probably because they're trying to read your pins.

2. Brooch On a Solid Color

For an elegant look that you can wear pretty much anywhere, try buying a nice gunmetal or gold brooch and sticking it on your favorite solid color blazer. It can take what would be a pleasant look and make it a little bit edgier.

Careful when selecting your brooch, you don't want it too big or too gaudy. Something simple will catch people's eye and if you give it a dark backdrop, like a black sweater or blue jacket, then it won't need to be loud to stand out.

3. Let Your Handbag Speak

Take the jean jacket idea and transfer that philosophy on to your handbag. You can litter your second or third favorite handbag with pins to give it a completely different look. Something that you haven't used for years might come back and re-become your favorite bag once again when you add a bit of flare.

If you've got a pin collection, but no bag that you want to poke holes in, go out to your favorite second-hand shop and grab a cheap leather bag. This way, you're letting the world finally see your favorite pins, but not sticking them all over your expensive handbag.

4. The Pin Cluster

If you've got a lot of pins, your pin arrangement strategy has to be discussed. There are several ways you can showcase pins that will have various different impacts on your mood and the people who see them. 

One way is to showcase a single pin. When you prop up one pin, you have to select it carefully and consider whether it stands out too much or too little on your outfit. It's a nice look for a hat or on your lapel.

When you want to go big and showcase everything, then you've got to go with the pin cluster. This is a mosaic of several pins that is undeniably going to draw people's attention. As we've discussed, you can use this look on your jean jackets, leather jackets, and bags.

Pin clusters don't work well with every look. If you're trying to be understated, it's probably not the way to go. There's always this option if you're looking for something magnetic that you can remove and add to a different piece of clothing.

5. Buttons and Headbands

Your hats and headbands are a great spot to put your pins and things. A winter headband looks great with a few buttons sewn on to give it a little bit more character, while a beanie, fedora, or beret always looks good with a brooch or pin attached.

Most headbands that you see at shops are kind of bland looking, so sewing buttons on one will make it more unique and more "you". Adding headwear to your look if you don't normally do so can be bold anyways, so you might as well go the full monty with it.

6. DIY Necklace

Sometimes you've got to look beyond what the thing is meant to do to find a great use for it. If you've got a few brooches lying around, try attaching them to a necklace to take it to the next level.

You can also make your own necklace by doing this. Go to the store and get a strip of leather or a chain, then connect your brooch(es) to it. It's like a customizable necklace that you can change up depending on your mood.

7. Brooch In Your Hair

Last, but not least, you can ditch the pins and brooches on clothes idea and put them straight into your hair. A brooch will attach nicely to a hair elastic so it looks like something beautiful is holding your hair up instead of a regular old band.

Even if you've got a messy bun look going on, you can clip the brooch directly to your hair and cut out the middle-man. Next time you're having a lazy hair day, go find your brooches and try this hair hack out.

Have Fun With Your Pins and Things

When you've got pins and things to spare, then you can have a lot of fun with your clothing. You could have a different pin, button, or brooch-based look every single day if you want. That's the real beauty of having these pins and things; they don't go out of style and you can change your look up at will.

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