Dirty Blonde Hair Colour Trends for 2019


Stylish And Sexy Dirty Blonde Hair Colour Ideas For You

Dirty blonde hair shade is a mid-blonde hair colour incorporating hints of darker shades. It is what everyone in the town's talking about right now. Including this amazing colour to your haircuts will definitely transform your appearance. Most ladies consider lightening up their locks around the summer and into the spring, but genuinely speaking, dirty blonde is a beautiful look to wear any time of the year! This colour looks specifically amazing on the ladies with a darker complexion, as it is the right suntan with beachy hair appearance.

Whether your manes are naturally darker and you are looking for ways to make them light or your locks are light, and you want to darken them, you can accomplish your goal with either foil colouring or the balayage technique. Choosing the right hair care regimen will give a pop of colour to your hair. So, instead of opting for a super-light platinum blonde or light golden blonde, rock dirty blonde hair, and you will see the difference.

  1. Golden Dirty Blonde.

This dirty blonde hair incorporates contrasting light honey and dark ash that flawlessly melt and blend to give the wearer a beach babe vibe. It is a warmer and softer version that appears romantic on a bluntly cut mid-length straight locks. The ash colour is what makes this style to be called dirty blonde. However, it needs regular hair care to keep its vibrant colour.

  1. Reverse Ombre.

A ridiculously textured blonde background to romantic brunette hair ends is a gorgeous style you should treat yourself with. Pair it with waves to majorly highlight that perfect mix.

  1. Dirty Platinum Blonde.

A fantabulous metallic colour suits warm to neutral skin tones. This is the right selection to illuminate your hairdo when under the light. It is ideal for all lengths and types of locks, whether a pixie or simple curled or straight hair.

  1. Dirty Ash Blonde on Shoulder Length Hair.

This is the right hairstyle you should choose if you want to feel like a beach goddess. It is a shoulder-length hair with smokey roots and light balayage that appears pretty perfect on straight layered manes. It also looks great on ladies with thin hair.

  1. Brunette Mid-Length Hair and Honey Highlights.

Include depth and volume to your dirty blonde hair for a stand out hairstyle using the warm caramel streaks. The hairstyle looks quite vibrant, especially in the dark because of the dimension and contrast it brings. 

  1. Dirty Bleach Blonde.

A ridiculously cool white-as-snow colour like this can make the pink in your colour the only thing visible and also enhance your eyes, especially for ladies with grey or blue eyes. It is suitable for wavy lobs and layered haircuts.

  1. Light Dirty Blonde.

Brighten up your looks with this champagne version that appears undeniably beautiful on any skin colour. Include some babylights and waves to achieve soft and luscious results. 

  1. Natural Blonde for Ladies with Short Hair.

This can be defined briefly as a lived-in-bob. The colour is a mix of root smudge and natural regrown. This gives you a style with a natural look that can keep you going without visiting the salon for several weeks.

The hairstyle is a subtly slanted textured lob. To achieve it, make sure you cut it when dry. It is an ideal look for ladies who don't need much upkeep as far as tones are concerned.

  1. Darker Hair and Caramel Highlights.

One of the chicest and most sophisticated dirty blonde hair colour you can find right now. It has an excellent contrast of the colour that starts at the darker roots to the lighter tips. It is one of the preferred haircuts that most clients ask for when they go to the salon. 

But what is the trick for rocking this fabulous haircut? Well, the trick lies in the precise cutting of the hair. You need to create a gorgeous angle starting at the high to low head to give it a sexier look than a common bob.

  1. Sun-Kissed Blonde.

This is a neutral dark blonde to mid-blonde accentuated with sun-kissed highlights on shadow roots. The shadow roots give this look an extra dimension and seamless grow out. It is neither warm nor cool. It all depends on your lighting.

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