Buying Diamonds: 5 Tips to Choose the Right One for You

Buying Diamonds: 5 Tips to Choose the Right One for You
(Photo : Buying Diamonds: 5 Tips to Choose the Right One for You)

Buying diamonds is a big deal, so you should spend some time thinking about which one to get. Read our five tips and guarantee you make the right choice!

Whether it's for a special gift, an anniversary, or a wedding proposal, buying diamonds is a big deal. With so many different options and varying costs, you should spend some time thinking about which type of diamond to get.

From genuine diamonds, to diamond simulants and synthetics, you have lots of options, but how do choose? Read on for our five tips to help you make the right choice!

1. The Four Cs

The first thing you have to keep in mind is the four Cs of diamonds, namely: carat, cut, color and clarity. These four attributes represent the essential qualities of a diamond. Carat represents the diamond's size and weight. The other three attributes are self-evident.

When you know the four Cs of diamonds, you can make informed decisions about what you would like to buy, and what would be within your budget.

2. Diamond Certificate

Diamond certificates, also known as GIA certificates, are issued by independent labs and evaluate a diamond's quality and its four Cs.

Never buy a diamond without a certificate. Moreover, you should always examine diamond certificates with care to make sure they are objective and reasonable. Non-certified diamonds may be less expensive, but they might not even be diamonds at all!

3. Real Diamonds vs. Simulants vs. Synthetics

It's hard to tell the difference between diamond simulants and synthetics unless you are a trained gemologist. In simple terms, simulants are gems or other objects that look like diamonds but are not. Synthetics are artificial diamonds.

So, when buying a stimulant, you are not buying a diamond at all! Synthetics are technically diamonds, but they have been created in the lab. Experts say that synthetics are impossible to distinguish from natural diamonds.

4. Browse Extensively

Even if you think you've found the perfect diamond, you should never buy at first sight. There are so many similar diamonds on offer, and prices vary so much, that you must browse a lot before making an informed decision.

Be careful when browsing online, since you can't see the diamonds up-close, and GIA certificates might not give you a full picture of what you're buying.

5. Beyond Price

A diamond is an expensive gift, but the price should not be your only consideration. Since a diamond is meant to last for a lifetime, the recipient should be completely happy with it. That is why you should spend time to find out what the recipient would like before committing to a purchase.

Sometimes less is more, and engagement diamond rings are rarely larger than one carat. Buying a diamond is a big decision, so you should work with the recipient, or your jeweler to find the perfect match!

Buying Diamonds? Match Them With The Right Outfit!

Now that you know how buying diamonds works, come on in and continue exploring the world of beauty.

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