How to Look Stylish and Still Stay Comfortable

How to Look Stylish and Still Stay Comfortable
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You have to feel bad for the women of yesteryear - fashion was never exactly optimized for a woman's comfort. Whoever invented the corset or the stiletto heel must have either been a masochist or a man. Thankfully, times have changed a bit, and you're no longer required to suffer for fashion. 

Looking good and feeling comfortable are not mutually exclusive. You can leave the house, feeling good and looking amazing, without also feeling restrained, itchy, unbalanced and all-around miserable. 

Is anyone advocating for you to leave the house in your full-on pajamas? No. But there are ways of being comfortable without sacrificing style. Here are a few style tips you can use next time you just want to feel relaxed. 

Cover Yourself in Merino

Wool, denim, polyester, rayon, acrylic - none of these fabrics are good for your skin. They itch and chafe, and don't breathe properly. If you want comfort that you can style, cover yourself in Merino wool, which, while it's technically a type of wool, is one of the best fabrics for your skin. 

If you're interested in how merino breathes, wicks sweat, kicks odors away and stay wrinkle-free, you can get the facts on merino wool from the link provided. All you need to know for now is that merino is insanely comfortable and it looks great.  

Swap the Heels for Flats

Whatever accentuation of the calf muscle you might enjoy with high heels, sometimes it's just not worth it. Even for a night on the town, it is becoming increasingly acceptable - even fashionable - to forego the teetering heels for an elegant pair of flats. Understandably, some women love their heels, and aren't that bothered by them. If that's the case: you do you. 

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Say No to Cinching 

Leave the belt at home. Cinching your waist with a belt never feels all that great, nor does it really add that much to the look of an outfit. Let your dresses drape and flow. And don't bother with "shapewear" or corsets, either. You look good the way you look.  

Go With the Flowing Pants

Tight denim jeans, while they definitely have a time and place, are not the be-all-end-all of pants. Same goes for yoga pants (although, admittedly, they are pretty comfy). Go with the flow, and incorporate baggier, roomier pants in your wardrobe. They can be incredibly stylish, and they don't feel like someone's choking your inner thighs! There are even style articles out there advocating for the pajama pant as a night-out apparel item - if it works for you, go for it. 

Give Yourself a Compliment

Finally, you know what's really going to make you feel comfortable and stylish as you head out the door? Feeling good about yourself. Don't neglect a little self-love. Before you head out to greet the world, look into the mirror, take a deep breath, and tell yourself that you look awesome. It's a small, personal gesture, but it means a lot!

Don't let style get in the way of your comfort. Grab some flat shoes, shop for some comfy fabrics, and go with the flow.

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