How to Take Care of Your Wig

How to Take Care of Your Wig
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Ready to wear wigs can help you complete a look before events. Many of these wigs can make you look great during everyday routines. In this strategic beauty guide, you'll learn how to pick a wig or a hair piece, and you'll discover practical ways to keep both products in optimum condition.

Top Wig Options

The lace under a wig is manufactured in various ways, and the style defines a wig type. Many beauty stores sell the following wigs:

- Full lace: A full-lace wig has several urethane strips with adhesive properties, and it's available in different specifications. No matter what type you choose, you can stick lace tape directly over the lace.

- Front lace: This wig option has lace that runs along the front. This wig is somewhat heavier than a full-lace product because its entire cap is thicker. Around a front-lace cap, there are clips; these metal mechanisms keep the wig firmly secured on a user's head.

- Monofilament: If you have a sensitive scalp, a monofilament wig won't irritate it. Because this cap is made of nylon, lace, and mesh, it soothes the scalp.

Top Hair Piece Options

Hair pieces can provide length and volume. Although there are many types of hair pieces, most options have some key differences. If you're shopping for hair pieces, there is one thing that you must always consider, and it's the installation option. The following hair pieces can be incorporated with normal hair strands in a day:

- Clip-in hair piece: Clip-in hair pieces are attached to a base that's made of silicone or fabric. The clip on this piece is easy to secure as it has a firm mechanism that opens and grips hair strands.

- Tape-in hair piece: A tape-in product has adhesive parts that align with hair roots. Because a heating tool sets the tape, you should let a hairdresser add this piece to your strands.

- Sew-in hair piece: Sew-in pieces are secured against the scalp with thread. When a hairdresser attaches sew-in pieces to the scalp, the entire session will last for several hours.

- Fusion hair piece: Fusion hair pieces are fused to the scalp with glue. In a beauty shop, you can get these extensions done in around four hours.

- Microlink: These hair extensions are somewhat advanced. To incorporate them, a hairdresser will have to use a beauty tool to hold the pieces in place.

Information About Natural Wigs and Synthetic Wigs

Natural wigs and synthetic wigs have different characteristics. Human hair strands are used to make natural wigs. These wigs bounce and feel like regular hair because they're harvested from people who have healthy strands. Synthetic wigs are man-made; however, they still have characteristics like natural hair. Every synthetic wig is made of fibers that are engineered from advanced technology. If you can't afford a natural wig, a synthetic wig is a great alternative option.

How to Maintain a Wig or Hair Piece

Dirt, grease, and debris will build up on a wig over time, and the only way to freshen up the strands is by washing them. However, before you toss your wig in water, run a comb through it. The teeth on the comb will eliminate knots. When every strand is free, soak the wig in a bowl of cold tap water. Never use hot water because heat will damage the wig. If needed, add a mild shampoo to the water to loosen and dissolve heavy grime. When the wig is clean, rinse it in another bowl of water. Then, apply a conditioner on the wig, and give it time to dry. These cleaning procedures are also great for hair pieces.

How to Wear a Wig

If you prepare your hair and scalp for a wig cap, you'll have no problems wearing a wig. To prepare extremely short hair for a wig, gradually brush your strands to the back of the scalp. In some cases, a few short hair strands may not stay in place. When this happens, hairspray can keep these strands flat against the scalp. If you want to put a wig over long hair, grab your hair strands, and tie them into French plaits. You'll only need two plaits; both of them should rest tightly against your scalp.

A wig is an investment, so you must take care of it. If you wear it correctly and wash it, every strand will stay in great condition for a long time.

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