Why Custom Engagement Rings Are So Popular


A quick Google search will show you just how popular custom engagement rings are. There are tons jewellery stores advertising that they can create custom pieces, and it seems like more and more couples are opting for custom designs instead of choosing from a premade collection. Not only do these jewellers make custom jewellery that will last for years but it's also incredibly easy to order with them.

While the ease and availability of custom design is definitely a contributing factor, what started the trend in the first place and why are young couples in particular drawn to custom pieces?

Cost Considerations

According to a study from 2018, the average cost of an engagement ring is around $5,680. The thing is, though, that according to reports, many Gen Z and young Millennials think that an engagement ring should cost no more $2,500. With this generational shift in perception of how much money should be spent on rings, it's no surprise that many of them are turning to custom designs for cheaper solutions.

By designing their own ring, younger generations can decide exactly what they want it made out of and what kind of precious stone is used (which all contribute to the overall cost of a piece). For example, many people think that the cost of diamonds are overinflated and opt for other precious stones like birthstones or gems like morganite

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are a popular alternative because they are less expensive and guaranteed conflict-free. Diamond mining, on the other hand, has earned itself a bad reputation in the eyes of younger generations, and they are interested in alternatives that won't cause potential social conflicts or impact the environment negatively. Lab-grown diamonds have provided the answer, and with this option they can design their own ring that they can feel relieved knowing is ethically safe.


Perhaps the biggest reason why you'd want to design your own engagement ring is so that you can completely personalize it to your taste. Whether you are customizing it for yourself or for a partner, you can be sure that the ring is completely unique and a reflection of your love.

Many couples are drawn to the idea of having custom engagement rings and wedding bands that no one else will have and that shows off their personality. For example, some Star Wars fans, video game enthusiasts, or fantasy fanatics, may choose to design their rings based off their favourite hobbies. Whole weddings may be themed on the couple's shared interest, and the rings are just one piece of a larger picture.

Jewellers Who Make Custom Rings

If you want a custom design it's important that you find yourself a reputable jeweller. Take a look at their reviews and check out their gallery to get a sense of the quality of their designs. Though you will be the one making the suggestions, the jeweller will be the one executing your vision, so it's important that they are creative and have a good eye for this sort of thing.

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