What if I Don’t Want to Wear Glasses Anymore?

Some people look great in glasses, others not so much. Wearing glasses can be a hassle, however. Not only does it affect daily activities, such as playing sports or driving, but it can also hide away all your beautiful makeup!

Thus, the most raised question regarding the replacement of glasses tends to be: Should I go for a pair of contact lenses, or undergo eye surgery? You should consider a few options.

Contact Lenses and Surgery

The quickest, and easiest, replacement for regular glasses is the contact lens. They improve your vision, just as well as your glasses do, for a fairly similar price. You also have a wide collection of color options to contrast with your makeup. However, wearing lenses requires ongoing maintenance, and sometimes can cause irritation. How your body reacts depends on many factors, like the weather or your eye's sensitivity.

On the other hand, eye surgery (usually called LASIK) is a life-changing experience. Undergoing a vision correction procedure can be more expensive, but it brings many benefits in the long term. With LASIK, you no longer have to worry about accidentally breaking your glasses or forgetting your pair of contact lenses. Many people with a special career like chefs or professional athletes also benefit from this kind of laser surgery.

Using Contact Lenses

You can start using contact lenses first if budget is of great concern. A box of disposable lenses for nearsightedness or farsightedness usually cost around 30$ for six pairs.

When choosing contact lenses, make sure they provide comfort and safety. Do not buy cheap or used products as the material directly come in contact with your eyes. Some contact lenses only cause pain after wearing them for a while, so change immediately if that happens. 

Taking good care of your lenses is essential too. An unclean contact lens can cause eye infections and may lead to blindness. There is an array of lens care products in the market, but one bottle of daily cleaning is usually enough. 

Undergoing Eye Surgery

If contact lens cause inconvenience or irritation, opt for a trip to one of many focus clinics. Laser eye surgery has a very high success rate, about 98-100%. It will get your vision back to its highest capacity. From there, you're able to perform many activities you were unable to before.

However, there is still a chance your eyesight gets worse again after LASIK intervention. This is mostly due to aging or lifestyle. Thus, it is important to keep your eyes healthy by acquiring good habits. Have a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and reduce exposure to devices and blue lights. Some eye exercises are quick to perform and help delay the need for glasses. 


Contact lenses and LASIK surgery have their ups and downs. If you run short on budget or prefer the variety of lens colors, go for a pair of contact lenses. If lenses become intolerable over time, consider improving your vision forever with laser eye surgery.

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